How to Count the Points on Your Machine Made Rug

The Formula: (vertical count) x (horizontal count) x2 x 100 = Points Per Square Meter Take your ruler and count the points running 10 centimeters across and 10 down on the back of your rug. Make sure you start from the same point for both measurements. Take these two numbers and multiply them. T...

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See How Well Woven Makes Yarn

We at Well Woven are fascinated with all aspects of floor covering, from start to finish. We wanted to share some of this with you, so we put together this short video to showcase yarn production at our factory in Gaziantep, Turkey.

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How to Count the Point or Knot Density of a Machine Made Rug

Rug Density and What it Means to You Rug weaving starts with a weft, or net of yarn. Once this net is set on the loom another yarn, called the warp, is woven through that net. The weft and warp are knotted at each point they intersect, forming the rug. Rug density is a measure of the number of kn...

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