5x7 Rugs

5x7 Rugs


Discovering the Beauty of 5x7 Rugs

Five-by-seven rugs come in a variety of styles, materials, patterns, and colors, making them suitable for various rooms and spaces in homes and some commercial settings. They can define seating areas, add comfort and warmth to living rooms or bedrooms, protect floors, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of a room. Whether you prefer solid colors, geometric patterns, floral designs, or other styles, 5x7 rugs offer a functional and stylish element to enhance your interior decor.

About Well Woven Contemporary Rugs

Well Woven takes pride in offering affordable 5x7 rugs designed with families in mind. Our rugs are crafted to withstand the rigors of daily life, making them a durable and practical choice for households. Additionally, we prioritize easy maintenance, with many of our 5x7 rugs featuring stain-resistant materials and designs that are simple to clean, ensuring that your 5x7 area rugs remain both stylish and functional for years to come.

At Well Woven, you can find a variety of 5x7 area rugs designed to suit different decor styles and preferences. Featuring abstract, geometric designs, and rich color combinations, they're the perfect addition to enhance your decor. Whether you're embracing a modern theme or seeking a unique statement piece in your contemporary space, there's a 5'x7' rug in our collection perfect for your space.

Selecting the Best 5x7 Rug

Choosing the right 5x7 area rug involves considering the room's purpose, existing decor, and personal style. Pay attention to color palettes, rug textures, and patterns that complement your space. Remember, a well-chosen 5x7 rug can be the focal point or the supporting star of your design story.

Rug Style: Whether you’re styling a boho, modern, vintage, or traditional space, we have a range of 5x7 rug patterns for you—from solid, geometric, abstract, striped, and animal print.

Rug Color: When it comes to selecting your 5'x7' rug colors, there are just as many choices! Neutral rugs with white, cream, grey or beige hues, like our Well Jute rugs, can help ground a room and allow colorful furniture to stand out. On the other hand, vibrant rugs with shades of green, blue, orange, and red can create a lovely focal statement. Of course, there are plenty of multicolored 5x7 rugs available, too. The most important factor is that the colors of your Well Woven 5'x7' rug make you feel at home.

Rug Pile: 5x7 rugs come in various pile heights, each offering a distinct look and feel. Low-pile 5x7 rugs have shorter fibers, providing a smooth surface that's easy to clean and great for high-traffic areas. Medium-pile rugs strike a balance between comfort and maintenance, offering a softer texture. High-pile rugs, like shag 5x7 rugs, have long, plush fibers for a luxurious feel but may require more upkeep and are best for low-traffic spaces. Flatweave 5x7 rugs, on the other hand, have no pile and are durable, easy-to-clean options suitable for high-traffic areas or outdoor use. Choose the pile height that best suits your room's purpose and your personal preferences.

5x7 Rug Placement

5x7 rugs can be used in many areas of the home. Popular placements include:

In living rooms

A 5x7 living room rug can transform your space, offering both style and practicality. It defines seating areas, adds comfort underfoot, and enhances the room's overall design with a variety of patterns and textures. Versatile in placement, a 5'x7' living room rug can fit under the coffee table, especially in apartment-sized living rooms, run alongside a sofa, or highlight specific areas of interest. Consider measurements and layering options for a personalized touch, and enjoy the benefits of a well-chosen 5x7 area rug in your living room.

In bedrooms

Place the 5x7 rug under the bed so that it extends beyond the sides and foot of the bed. This arrangement provides a soft and warm surface for your feet when getting out of bed in the morning. Ensure that the bedroom rug is centered under the bed for a balanced look. A 5’x7’ rug is the perfect size rug for a bedroom with a twin bed or crib. It pairs well with an optional 5x7 rug pad.

In kitchens

A 5x7 kitchen rug can bring style, comfort, and functionality to the room. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color, protect your flooring, or simply create a cozier atmosphere, the right five by seven rug can make a significant difference in your kitchen's overall look and feel. Consider washable kitchen rugs or stain-resistant options for convenience.


A 5x7 outdoor rug can transform your outdoor living space, such as a patio or deck, into a stylish and comfortable retreat. Not only does it define seating or dining areas, but it also provides a soft and barefoot-friendly surface for relaxation. These 5x7 rugs are built to withstand the elements, resisting fading, mold, and mildew. They enhance safety by reducing slipperiness, and their easy maintenance makes outdoor living hassle-free.

How big is a 5x7 rug?

A 5x7 rug typically measures 5 feet in width and 7 feet in length. In inches, this comes to approximately 60x84 in. In centimeters, this amount to 150x210 cm.

Can a 5x7 rug fit in a washing machine?

It's often possible to clean 5x7 rugs and other small rugs in a standard washing machine if they are labeled as machine-washable.

Is a 5x7 rug big?

A 5x7 rug is considered a medium-sized rug. It's versatile and can fit well in various rooms and settings, like kitchens and nurseries, but whether it's considered "big" or not depends on the specific space it's intended for.

Will a 5x7 rug fit under a queen bed / king bed?

For a queen-sized bed or larger, a rug size closer to 7x10 or 9x12 is typically recommended. These larger rug sizes ensure that the rug extends well beyond the bed's edges and creates a more cohesive look in the bedroom. However, if you prefer the smaller 5x7 rug size for design or budget reasons, you can still make it work by placing it partially under the bed, leaving a portion of it exposed at the foot of the bed.

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