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Moroccan Rugs


Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs originate from the Berber tribes of North Africa. Using intricate geometric patterns and rug motifs, Moroccan rugs often depict nature and tell the weaver's story. Beyond aesthetics, Moroccan rugs are celebrated for their softness, warmth, durability, and versatility. Whether serving as a focal point or a subtle accent, a Moroccan rug infuses a sense of global charm and authenticity wherever its placed.

About Well Woven Moroccan Rugs

Well Woven Moroccan rugs not only deliver the aesthetic appeal that matches your decor style but also offer the added benefits of easy cleaning and durability, all at an affordable price point. With a no-shed design, these rugs maintain their excellent appearance over the years, especially when paired with regular vacuuming and the use of an optional nonslip rug pad.

Choosing the Best Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan area rugs are as versatile as they come. Consider factors like the rug's style, size, and color when shopping for a new rug.

Rug Pattern/Texture: Moroccan rugs are a captivating tapestry of texture and patterns. Moroccan shag rugs offer a luxurious experience with their plush, high-pile texture, providing a cozy and inviting feel underfoot. In contrast, Moroccan tassel rugs add a hint of playfulness to the room. If convenience is a priority, opt for a washable Moroccan rug, which combines style with practicality, offering easy cleaning and maintenance. For those drawn to geometric allure, checkered Moroccan rugs and Moroccan diamond rugs provide a sense of symmetry and balance to your space. Diverse in rug texture and pattern, Moroccan rugs offer an array of options to elevate your decor.

Rug Size: Moroccan rugs come in various sizes to cater to different spaces and design preferences. An 8x10 Moroccan rug is a popular choice for larger area like living rooms and bedrooms, offering ample coverage while allowing other design elements to shine. If you have a spacious living area or dining room, consider a Moroccan rug 9x12 or larger for a grand and cohesive look. For more compact areas or to define specific pathways, 5x7s or Moroccan runner rugs are practical and stylish options. These small sized rugs add both character and protection to high-traffic areas while guiding the visual flow through your home. Whether you're furnishing a vast living space or a cozy nook, Moroccan rugs can help you achieve the perfect balance of style and functionality for your home.

Rug Color: Moroccan rugs offer a vibrant tapestry of colors to suit diverse interior preferences. A classic choice is the timeless elegance of a black and white Moroccan rug, perfect for creating a minimalist and sophisticated atmosphere. For those seeking tranquility, a serene blue Moroccan rug evokes a soothing ambiance, ideal for bedrooms and serene living spaces. If you're yearning to infuse your decor with playful energy, a pink Moroccan rug adds a vibrant pop of color. Alternatively, a red Moroccan rug exudes warmth and charisma, making it a welcoming addition to your living or dining area. With these color choices (and more), Moroccan style rugs provide an array of options to complement your unique style and enhance your living spaces.

Styling a Moroccan Rug

Styling a Moroccan rug is an art of infusing a global and inviting atmosphere into your space. Whether you're shopping for an outdoor moroccan rug or a colorful moroccan rug, start by selecting a rug that fits your room's dimensions. Consider layering the rug over a larger, neutral one for extra warmth and texture. Then, pair your rug with other Moroccan furniture that exudes a worldly flair, opting for pieces with intricate designs or vibrant colors. Embrace a mix of patterns and colors, too, but maintain balance by combining the rug's bold design with simpler, solid-colored furniture and accessories. To complete the Moroccan ambiance, adorn your space with cozy accent decor like lanterns, poufs, and intricately patterned textiles, such as curtains or pillows, for a harmonious and well-curated look.

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