The Shriver Family Home Makeover: A Teeenzy Takeover

We've always known that rugs can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room and recently, we got to know a little more about just how personal they can be. Read on for a story about a life-changing three-day home renovation project for a deserving family of five.

Meet Tina Cargill, a mom of three and Ohio native. Inspired after renovating her brother's family home, Tina recently launched her Home Makeover Series where she “turns a house into a home” for deserving local families nominated by her community. Tina is a firm believer that “you should love the house that you live in” and loves nothing more than creating cozy, inviting spaces. Transforming her brother’s house was her passion project helping her realize that “this is exactly what [she] was meant to do”! 

Tina Cargill shares lifestyle, home decor, motherhood and much more on her Instagram (@teeenzy) and Inspired Reality Blog.

Her first home makeover featured the Shriver Family. The Shrivers have three kids of which the oldest, Mason, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a rare connective tissue disorder. With dad working full time and mom keeping up with doctor bills, physical therapy appointments and other daily demands of raising a family, home renovations were the last thing on their list. Touched by the Shriver’s selflessness and constant love towards their children, Tina knew she had to be a part of their beautiful story.

 Tiffany and Bryan Shriver and their three children. Read more about the Shrivers and EDS on Tiffany’s blog Candid Stripes.

First Up: The Kids’ Shared Room

For their first space that Tina redesigned, she went with a functional approach. Seeking to transform a dark room into a bright and spacious place where the kids could freely hang out, she divided the room into a sleeping space, desk/homework station, and reading nook so that even when they are together, the kids could have their own spaces.

Before (top) and After (bottom): Due to EDS, Mason tends to spend more time in his bedroom than most kids his age so making this room accessible, calming and a place where he and his siblings would want to be was of utmost importance.

Flipping the closet into a reading nook and hangout space added a new level of fun to the kids’ room. In addition, the newly painted white walls, funky bedding, and personalized wall art pulled the whole room together. As a finishing touch, she added the Passione rug as the perfect cozy addition to complete the space.

 Before (top) and After (bottom):The kids’ priceless reaction to their new space was worth a million words! 

Next Up: The Master Bedroom

Finally, Tina transformed the master bedroom into a coastal farmhouse-style suite. With the new addition of breezy, light-colored drapes, rustic decor and a welcoming Virden rug, the once plain master bedroom instantly turned into a simple yet gorgeous space, perfect for the couple to relax in after a long day and, of course, for endless snuggle sessions with the kids.

 Before (top) and After (bottom): "The Well Woven rug made this space all come together and feel really homey," says Tina.

The Shriver’s new bedrooms are bright, welcoming and most importantly cherished by everyone in the family. We were proud to be a part of this touching makeover with the donation of our rugs. Tina’s lasting gift for this incredibly deserving family is certainly inspiring and we can’t wait to see the many more to come. 

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