Custom Runner Rugs


Custom Runner Rugs

Elevate your home with Well Woven Custom Runner Rugs! From hallways to kitchen floors, find cozy, stylish rug accents tailored to your unique space and taste. From Boho to Outdoor Runner Rugs – there's a custom runner rug for everyone. Stain-resistant, easy to clean, and washable options available. Explore our custom runner collection today.

About Well Woven Custom Runner Rugs

Well Woven Custom Runner Rugs offer stain-resistant features, ensuring easy maintenance for everyday use. With a wide variety of runner sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect rug to match your space and taste. Elevate your home with personalized comfort and style today!

How our custom runner rugs work

Well Woven's custom runner rugs are rug runners by the foot. Most of our custom runners are available in two widths, 27" and 31", and lengths from 10' to 100' long. Simply choose what custom runner rug size you need for your space in the dropdown menus on the product page and add to cart. We'll handle the rest!

Styling Custom Runner Rugs

Styling Well Woven custom size runner rugs is all about enhancing both form and function. Place them in high-traffic areas like hallways or entryways to create visual interest while protecting your floors. Opt for complementary rug colors and patterns that tie into your existing decor. Experiment with layering by pairing a custom runner rug with a larger area rug for added depth. Or, consider using your custom runner rug in unexpected spaces like kitchens or bathrooms to infuse personality. Remember, the key is balance – let your custom runner rug contribute to your overall design while serving its practical purpose.

Where to place a custom runner rug

Custom runner rugs are best kept in long, narrow spaces that see high traffic.

Long Hallway Runners

Aim for your hallway runner rug to be about 4 to 6 inches narrower than the width of the hallway to allow some floor space on each side. As for the length, a long hallway runner rug should cover most of the hallway, leaving a few inches of floor visible at each end. Remember to ensure the pile of your hallway runner rug is low enough that it doors can glide over without catching.

Kitchen Accent Runners

Runner rugs in kitchens add functionality and style. In a galley kitchen and in a kitchen with an island, lay the accent runner rug parallel to the long walls of the room to create a visual path that guides the eye through the space. In an L-shaped layout, position the rug along the counter to unify the space. In a U-shaped kitchen, lay the custom runner rug in the central part, leaving enough space on either side to maintain a balanced and open feel.

Stair Rug Runners

Can you use a runner rug on stairs? Yes! When placed on stairs, runner rugs improve the style, safety and functionality of the space- all the while protecting the floor from wear and tear. Ensure the length of the runner rug covers the entire length of the step, including the riser, for a secure and aesthetically pleasing fit.

Can Custom Runner Rugs be returned?

Yes, your custom runner rug from Well Woven can be returned within 14 days of its receipt, if you're not satisfied with your purchase.

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