5 Ways to Style Your Outdoor Rug

Who says that your outdoor space can’t be as stylish as the rest of your home? With the right design strategies, your outdoor space can be an area that you’ll actually want to spend time in. Outdoor rugs are a great way to set your outdoor seating area apart from the rest of the yard. Plus, you can purchase an indoor/outdoor rug for some versatility, allowing you to use it inside your home as well. 

For her back patio, Sarah made sure to complement the natural scenery by choosing a neutral outdoor rug that blends seamlessly with its surroundings, being sure to keep "outdoor entertaining" as the main focus of this space.

1. Make it Cozy

    Outdoor spaces can be cozy just like any other room in your house. Treat it like a second living room by furnishing it with some comfortable couches and cozy pillows. Rugs are a fantastic way to bring together the space and separate it from the rest of the outdoor area. 

    For those of you with animals, Lisa and Casey's pups above show the Nord rug might be a good fit for your household's outdoor space.

    Remember to ensure that the rug you purchase is durable enough for your outdoor space. Lots of children and animals trudging over the rug can get it extremely dirty, so choose a rug that can be cleaned easily with a hose. 

    2. Think About The Most Highly-Trafficked Spaces

      Outdoor rugs aren’t just for outdoor areas. Mudroom, pools, and patio areas are great places to plop down an easy-to-clean rug. These highly-trafficked spaces are often forgotten about when styling your home, but they can be spruced up easily with a few decorative elements and an appropriate rug. 

      (Left) McKenzie shows off a custom DIY stairs + runner solution using the Mamba rug. (Right) Jenny took her Nord rug poolside to make the concrete space a little more inviting on bare feet.

      For these spaces, you’ll want to choose an indoor/outdoor rug. These rugs are extremely durable and washable, which is perfect for spaces you know are going to get dirty. Plus, you can always move them outside later if you choose!

      3. Don’t be Afraid to Layer

        Depending on the overall design of your outdoor living area, your space might be quite large. In these cases, don’t be afraid to choose multiple rugs for your outdoor space and layer them. Sometimes, even two of the same rug with some space between them can be a very striking design element. 

        Where will you layer your rugs? Outdoors with the Mamba rug like Ant + Carly or indoors with the Nord rug like Kimberly?

        Of course, if you choose two rugs, don’t forget to select rugs that go well together. One idea is to stick with a theme, such as neutral rugs, southwestern, modern, or Moroccan., Another idea is to mix one bold rug paired with a toned-down rug. Both rugs do not need to be the same color - but just remember - cool and warm colors do not usually go well together when it comes to rugs. 

        An evening view of Kari's deck shows us all that, sometimes, two matching rugs are better than one. Find the Nord rug here.

        4. Bring it Indoors

          Outdoor rugs can also look very good in indoor spaces. Just check out some of the pictures below!

          If outdoor rugs are able to keep up with the elements of nature outdoors, surely the Vidar and Metier rugs can handle a few dirty paws and sticky fingers like those in Mel and Fena's active homes, right?

          The best part about using outdoor rugs in indoor spaces is the high level of durability and wash-ability. This is a great option for homes with lots of mess-loving dogs or children. You won’t have to worry about the mess when you can take your rug outside and clean it off with a hose. 

          5. Incorporate Nature

            In outdoor spaces, you have some unique design options that you just can’t find indoors. If your deck has a nice view, feel free to tone the rug and outdoor decor down to let nature take the spotlight. 

            Grounded by the Odin rug, an elegant seating area awaits guests at Melissa's new home.


            Feel free to layer the area with plenty of plants and gorgeous flowers as well. Take advantage of the fact that you’re outside!

            Fresh florals, poofy pillows, and gorgeous greys all helped make Kari's backyard an outdoor oasis.

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