Rug Colors

The full spectrum! From bold, bright vibes to classic neutral style.
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Jute, beiges & tans. These warm, timeless tones play well with all colors. They’re a subtle approach that adds a soft, chic elegance and playful texture to any space.

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Whites & Creams

Whether it’s an all-white wonderland, a tone-on-tone dreamscape or the creamy base pulling together your eclectic reading nook, these light & bright tones always make a room feel so much roomier.

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Sink your toes into an ocean of calm and let the waves of nature’s most relaxing color carry you away. With shades from deep navy to vivid teal, turn any space into an island of calm.

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Grey & Silver

Sleek & silver, dark & dusky, you can't go wrong with grey! With tones warm to cool, shades of grey complement a range of colors and styles. They can take center stage with a bold design, or fade into the space to let your other decor shine.

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More Rug Colors


Bold and breathtaking, these sparkling rubies and rich burgundies are woven in delightful patterns to match their stunning color.

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Multi Color

Got more shades and motifs in your room than we’ve got colors? Bring them all together with a multi-color rug. Tie every tone together with perfect precision or go off with a contrasting burst of room-defining color.

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Rich, verdant, and natural tones that are full of life. The kind of calming color that recalls a cool breeze and the sound of crickets on a night with no obligations.

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Blush & rose for soft, chic and graceful spaces, or go bright fuchsia for a floor that stands out. Complete a look that’s charming & tranquil, eclectic and energetic, or a little bit of both.

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Smooth, subtle charcoal blends right in anywhere, but a bold and enticing black will define an entire space. And while our rugs are stain-resistant, dark colors hide dirt & stains in trafficked areas and a little insurance never hurt!

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From dusky lavender to royal plum. Regal shades befitting your beautiful home, so you can turn any space into your royal chambers.

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Got tangerine dreams and terracotta fantasies? Imagine orange rugs in any shade you need to make your space warm and cozy as can be.

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Yellow & Gold

Add some spice to your space with yellows from saffron to mustard. Bright pops of color to keep it lively and bright or rich and gold.

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These warm, earthy tones maximize coziness without compromising on class. Warm, relaxing and oh-so-easy to match in your space, they’re well-wearing and perfect for the scuffs and dirt of high-traffic areas.

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