Moms Tell All: What to Do When the Whole Family’s at Home 24/7

Here are four tips from mom influencers to keep your kids entertained while quarantined at home.

Even if you’re used to being at home with the children, we are living through unusual times. Parks are closed. Library reading times are canceled. Mommy and me classes have been postponed. 

You can’t even go out and purchase craft supplies. What are you supposed to do all day? We asked some of our favorite mom influencers that very same question, and here’s what they had to say.

Tip 1: Upcycle what’s already at home

Even though you can’t go and purchase craft supplies, there are still plenty of crafts you can do to pass the time while sparking your children’s creativity. 

Dani of @thecoldcraftsman is the mama bird of two young children, Tanner (age 3) and Winnie (age 2). Dani suggests making the most of extra on-hand cardboard‒ especially as online orders begin to pile up.

"I have been pulling out all of our Amazon boxes to create fun art projects out of cardboard! We have painted cardboard Easter eggs, made cardboard Easter baskets, and made a cardboard gas pump for my car loving kiddos! These are all activities you can do from inside your own home and get as creative as you want! I love getting down on the floor and creating with my kids! It doesn’t hurt to have a pretty Well Woven rug to enjoy it all on!"

The Colding household getting crafty with cardboard on their Paley Cream Rug

Tip 2: Get outside (safely)

If you can, going outside is a wonderful option. Children need to run around, and outside is often the best place for them to run through their energy. For those with any sort of yard at all, try to spend as much time outside as possible. 

If you don’t have any outside place, however, try getting out on hiking trails, which is a great way to also explore your neighborhood and surrounding areas. At the end of the day, any fresh air can be helpful - even if it is on a balcony if you are looking to avoid busy areas.

Megan of @meganmaureengarcia has made going outside a ritual. “My biggest tip would be getting outside in the yard/a green space for some fresh air - we've been doing this daily and it's helping so much!”

Megan’s daughter playing outside with the egg puzzle from This & That Etc. 

Tip 3: Amp up the playtime with new toys

When you’re stuck in your home for extended periods, even once-favorite toys can get boring. 

Chelsea of @thebrownfieldbabes has discovered new toys that have piqued her two kids’ interests and provide hours of entertainment. She shared, “My current favorite ‘I’m bored’ solution: the Sunnie Press (@sunniepress) map subscription! It’s fun, imaginative, screen-free, and comes right to your door. Exactly what I was looking for! And when your kids are done coloring and doing all the fun activities, you can bring out the cars and Legos and let them play with their maps. Endless possibilities!”

Coloring with the Sunnie Press map on the Stella Natural Rug.

Coloring with the Sunnie Press map on the Stella Natural Rug

If you’re looking for something educational and fun, Chelsea also recommends the September & Co alphabet scavenger hunt. “September & Co created an alphabet scavenger hunt using their ABC letter flash cards. Every set comes with a colorful letter bag. Choose a letter and have your kids search your house for items that begin with your chosen letter. Fill your letter bag with your scavenger hunt items as you go! So fun, right?”

Chelsea’s family finding joy with their Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Chelsea’s family finding joy with their Alphabet Scavenger Hunt  

Tip 4: Most important of all, be kind and patient

We’re all experiencing more stress than usual right now - including our children. Even if your children are too little to understand the details, they can still pick up on the stress the adults in their life our feeling. Their schedules have been changed and they might not understand that this is not a permanent situation. 

Now more than ever, it is important to be kind.

Sana of @apieceofmyglamhome, mom of two, reports that, “One of the things that’s helping me deal with quarantine is trying to be more patient and kind with my family. The first week of quarantine I had taken the time to write up a schedule for weekdays and weekends for my kids but there are some days they don’t feel like following any schedule and that’s completely OK. I like to keep my kids busy by getting them to do small chores around the house and by doing so they earn extra screen time. I don’t stress over keeping my house tidy all the time because no one is coming over anyway!”

Finding time to play and relax at @apieceofmyglamehome’s house, featuring the Luca Blue Rug.

Finding time to play and relax at Sana's house, featuring the Luca Blue Rug 

Take it one breath at a time

These are stressful times no matter who you are and how many little ones you have running around. But, remember that this is but a season. 

The pandemic will come and go. Take each day one step at a time and, most importantly, remember to breathe. 


Do you have any other tips to share? Mention them in the comments below!