Well Woven Creator Spotlight: Denise Cooper of BeMyGuestWithDenise

You may have seen our exclusive collection with her, check it out here if you haven’t, and we are so excited to feature her again. Denise Cooper of BeMyGuest With Denise is one of our favorite examples of #livewellwoven because of how she styles some of our simpler rugs to create luxurious, elegant spaces. Originally from Long Island, NY, and now living in Jacksonville, FL, Denise can make any space, anywhere, look inviting. To find out all her home design secrets, we asked her some of our burning questions.

Why did you choose the name BeMyGuest?

I chose the name BeMyGuest because my husband and I love to open our home to anyone and everyone. Having the opportunity to entertain our family and friends brings us joy. We want each one of our guests to feel special when they enter our home.

What's your favorite piece of furniture in your home right now?

Right now, my favorite piece is my new dining room set! I love how it pairs with my rug [Our Olympic White Shag] and is perfect for entertaining people.

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not working?

I love surfing the flea market for treasures! I am so excited when I am able to find great, affordable finds that fit into my home. I get inspired by unique home decor accessories and flea markets are the best place to find them!

What three words would you use to describe your home’s style?

I would say my three words would be casual, time-worn, and comfortable.

What do you look for when choosing a rug?

First, I look for size. I want it to fit my space nicely and have the design visible. Then I look for something that’s durable and holds up in high-traffic areas. I want to find something that fits my needs but that also fits my personal style.

Are you happy with your selection of rugs or is there anything you would change about them?

I love all of my rugs and I wouldn’t change a single one!

How the rugs you have fit your home's aesthetic/how they fit into you and your family's life?

Currently, we have rugs in all the living spaces in our home which not only defines the space but adds warmth and comfort. We often play board games or watch movies on our rugs. They are a staple that will always be in my home.

Denise currently has 6 Well Woven rugs in her home! They are the Olympic White Shag, the Liza Silver, the Liza White, the Moroccan Lattice Grey, the Jesse Trellis, the Linx Geometric Grey, and her newest addition is the Outdoor Mamba Grey.

To see more of Denise, check out her Instagram @bemyguestwithdenise, her YouTube channel Bemyguestwithdenise Denise Cooper and her blog, https://bemyguestwithdenise.com/.

Here at Well Woven, rugs aren’t just something we throw down to cover hardwood floors. We believe that rugs can transform a room to a gorgeous, inviting, and one-of-a-kind space. No matter your personal style, Well Woven rugs are able to fit in anywhere which is why we love to see how different people use our rugs in their home. Follow along as we spotlight our favorite people who use our rugs to create a story within their home and show how they #livewellwoven.