Well Woven Creator Spotlight: Erin Kern of Cotton Stem Interiors

For our first feature, we just had to spotlight the one and only Erin Kern from Cotton Stem! Erin has worked with us multiple times and we always love the spaces she creates with our rugs! For those who haven’t been introduced yet, Erin is the founder of Cotton Stem Interiors and the mom to four daughters. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Erin loves all things farmhouse and comfort which has led her to creating her own dream home and helping others design theirs. Of course, Erin is more than just her beautiful farmhouse-style home so we asked her some questions to get to know her and see how she incorporates #livewellwoven into all parts of her life.

What are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by comfort, by originality, and by people who think outside of the box. Also by those who already know themselves and strive to help others do the same along the way!

How did you choose the name Cotton Stem?

I chose the name Cotton Stem because it embodies so many things about my personal design aesthetic-- soft textures, neutral colors, and farmhouse/cottage comfort.

What are your favorite colors to use in a space?

I love neutrals with pops of pale blue mixed in for interest! But my favorite colors are probably white with pale grays, blues, and greens.

What is your current favorite piece of furniture?

I couldn’t choose just one but my favorite pieces are the vintage treasures that tell a story. Around my home I have an antique fireplace mantel that was saved from a farmhouse fire as well as a harvest table that has been passed down through my family for generations.

How has your style evolved over time or did you always want this type of home?

I’ve always loved creating great styled spaces but as my kids have taken over my house, my style has grown more comfortable and functional. I still love a great design or a styled space, but it has to be functional and make sense for my large family. It’s like a little puzzle for me; I have to figure out how to create original, unique looks without constantly caring if my kids touch things. I want them to LIVE here and be comfortable!

What do you look for when selecting a rug?

When choosing a rug, I’m a bit more form over function so first and foremost it needs to fit my space. Then, it’s all about function because I want a rug that will fit my family’s lifestyle. This is a combination of hiding the inevitable stains and a rug with a pile that’s just soft enough for tickle fights with my girls but not so long that I can’t clean it properly. Other than that, I look for original, interesting designs and color patterns which is why I’m obsessed with my vintage vibe Well Woven rugs, especially my Maxwell Blue!

How do your Well Woven rugs fit your home and lifestyle?

My Well Woven rugs blend absolutely seamlessly with my decor! They are some of the most beautiful and original designs I’ve ever seen. The colors and textures, patterns and prints, and everything about them make them mix so well with my home, my home’s colors, and my family’s lifestyle; I couldn’t be happier with all of my rugs from you!

If you’re wondering which rugs Erin owns-- aren’t we all!?-- she has our Maxwell Blue, Ciato Blue, Wonderly Grey, Melange Blue, Celesita Lavender, and the Plain Vanilla. Shop them and Erin’s other favorite styles here!

If you’re wanting to see more of Erin and her home, check out her Instagram @cottonstem and her website, http://cottonstem.com.

Here at Well Woven, rugs aren’t just something we throw down to cover hardwood floors. We believe that rugs can transform a room into a gorgeous, inviting, and one-of-a-kind space. No matter your personal style, Well Woven rugs are able to fit in anywhere which is why we love to see how different people use our rugs in their home. Follow along as we spotlight our favorite people who use our rugs to create a story within their home and show how they #livewellwoven.