In Search of the Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s Space

Whether your little one is starting a new school year, moving into a new room, or simply enjoying a refresh of their much-loved space, rugs are a great way to add style and comfort to your kid’s bedroom, playroom, or study area. 

Our kid-friendly rugs come in a range of beautiful patterns, colors, and textures, but with so many options, the prospect of choosing one can feel daunting. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our customer-approved and exciting new rugs that we think you (and your kids) will love. 

Bright & playful

Bright colors and playful patterns make many kids’ rugs pop with a style to match children’s youthful energy during hours of play in bedrooms, playrooms, and more. It's just the last sentence describing that rug that changed: The Starbright Daisy Flowers rug features whimsical, colorful flowers in a vibrant, allover pattern.


Available in sizes appropriate for small play areas and large rooms alike, choosing the right rug size will help maximize space for your little ones. The Starbright Square Multi fits many kids comfortably, making it a great option for classrooms, libraries, playrooms, and any space with storytime. 

Soft & comfy

Ensure your kid’s bedroom or playroom is extra cozy with rugs featuring a thick, plush pile. The Kennedy Stars rug has a deep, soft pile with cotton fringe and a sweet pattern for fun, visual interest.

Make a statement

Take comfort, color, and texture to the max with bold colors, beveled patterns, and ultra-fluffy shag pile. The San Francisco Rainbow Shag rug is great for shared spaces where teens, grown-ups, and kids come together–especially for families with little ones who like to play on the floor. 

Oh-so easy-to-clean

Cleaning your kid’s room is easier than ever thanks to machine washable rugs. The Nile Gila rug boasts contemporary colors and a traditional pattern fit for any room in the home, all while saving time and effort during cleanings, whether routine or surprise!

What rug will you choose for your kid’s room?

What rug will look, feel, and suit your kid’s space the best? Explore all of our kids’ rugs to find the look, feel, and size that’s right for your space. 

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