Embracing the 2023 Colors of the Year with Well Woven Rugs

In interior design, the floor is often thought of as the fifth wall. Like its traditional vertical counterpart, it can be used as a canvas for showing off one’s style by combining material, texture, pattern, and color in a multitude of ways.

So, when experts in the world of house paints released their trending color forecasts for 2023, we had to spread the word! Even if you’re not quite ready to commit to painting your floors, you can embrace the colorful, fashion-forward looks in a low-fuss, low-cost way with the right Well Woven rug.



The deep taupe shade with subtle-yet-unexpected purple undertones, brought to us by HGTV by Sherwin- Williams’ Vintage Homestead Collection, is a welcome new addition to our essential neutral palette. Aptly named Darkroom, the borderline-black 2023 Color of the Year evokes equal feelings of comfort, romance and elegance in just one dynamic shade. Use a soft and subdued floor pattern to add tasteful dimension to heritage spaces or make an allover statement to effortlessly define a curated and contemporized room. 

DUNN-EDWARDS - CRUSHING ON CORAL (Liberated Nomad Palette)


This year, Dunn-Edwards generously gives us three color collections to choose from during our next home design project. But, if you try just one shade, let “Crushing on Coral” from their Liberated Nomad palette be the one you choose to explore.

Provocative and jubilant, yet daring and sophisticated, this vibrant color tells its own story of aged tradition–now reinvented in a modern way. Let it shine as the star of your living room color palette by pairing it with bohemian, patchwork patterns and Baroque-style motifs, or, if you’re daring, the eleven other complementary colors of the Liberated Nomad color palette like periwinkle-navy crossover, “Midnight Blush” or apple-red, “Red-y for Fun”.  



If you're new to decorating with color, let versatile, blue-green Vining Ivy be your bold stroke in an otherwise simple space. Tread lightly, because just a splash of this saturated hue can take you from a lover of the traditional and classic to someone who fully embraces the modern and moody moment. Unroll the look with ornately-patterned tribal rugs like the Meridian or Kamiah and pair with rich, wood tones for contrasting depth and even more drama.



Neutrals are always “In” and a beautiful, versatile Rustic Greige is no exception. A medium-toned gray-beige pigment with red undertones, this color draws inspiration from the peace and clarity of the natural world found outside.

Whether you're looking for a new color for your kitchen or bedroom alike, you'll find that Rustic Greige is extremely versatile and balances feelings of warmth and safety with a look that’s both endearing and accessible. Style Rustic Greige with warm or cool colors, wood tones, and either rustic or modern fixtures for a cozy and elegant look indoors or out. For extra serenity, style the color with handmade pieces like the braided tassels of the Romeo rug for a nice, detailed touch.



This trend-worthy green from the 12-color palette from Valspar, labeled as Green Trellis, is many things, but the words “Fresh”, “Rejuvenating” and “Liveable” come top-of-mind if we were to describe it. Striking a balance between modern and natural, this hazy pigment creates a look as immersive and grounded as it is charming and calm. Use it in bedroom spaces with the Arian rug alongside light wood tones that soothe from the ground up, or add it to play spaces with the Landon rug and your kids’ favorite toys for a fun and vibrant look. 



In the coming months, Dulux predicts home enthusiasts and designers alike will be drawn to a brave, new hue. The color, Wild Wonder, a bold mix between a mustard yellow-green, was inspired "by the warm tones of harvested crops with an upbeat glow which connects us with the cycles of life, by creating a sense of energy and positivity," says the company. 

If you’re not quite ready to embrace this 2023 home color trend on your walls, one splash of this yellow-green on your floors will surely leave your guests with that lasting impression you desire. If you are, however, ready to jump all-in with Wild Wonder, play up the yellow of the year even further with a monochrome assortment of forest hues or complementary blush tones.



Like its name suggests, Behr’s "Blank Canvas", is a nod toward new beginnings. An incredibly versatile off-white shade, it celebrates the return toward our "normal" lives post-pandemic and the hopes we have for our spaces now that we're no longer confined to them. It's a starting point for expression, an acknowledgement of growth, and the foundation for the dreams we're all looking to reach. 

The color is designed to be flexible, so you can effortlessly pair it with your tribal or global décor to create a spacious and inviting scene or use it as the springboard for an entirely new home project - the possibilities are endless!



A stark contrast to the grey and beige shades that have saturated the market, Alizarin is a warm burst of color ready to bring a whole new meaning to "contemporary design". A bit nostalgic in hue, falling between a rustic terracotta and sultry merlot, the color is equally charming as it is beautiful. 

While just a splash of Alizarin will envelop the whole room in a blanket of comfort wherever it’s used, the rich hue particularly helps to warm up spaces in cool, breezy climates. Use the color in a small dose as an accent for earthy botanicals, stone fixtures, and fresh, modern prints for a minimalist look or use an all-over solid print to make a luxurious, tactile statement against a backdrop of personal collections and chiaroscuro lighting in a maximalist home.

Can't get enough of this hue? Find more inspiration from similar Colors of the Year: Canyon Ridge, Redend Point, and Raspberry Blush

Immerse Yourself in the Palette

No matter which 2023 color trend you embrace first, we're sure the year is going to be one like we've never before seen. With an endless number of invigorating tints and shades available to style, to spark creativity, and to find inspiration in, how could it not?

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