Your Life Just Got Easier: Machine Washable Rugs

Machine washable rugs are here, and it’s time we give them their due. 

We know–it sounds too amazing to be true. Historically, floor coverings like rugs catch more dust, dirt, debris, and accidents (to put it nicely) than any other element in a room, and they’re often the most difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive to clean. The pain is real. We wouldn’t blame you for skipping a deep clean or two! 

But now, you have machine washable rugs in your corner–your most high-traffic corner, that is. Be it the playroom, den, hallway, kitchen, or any space–or season–in your life that takes a little extra effort to tidy, Well Woven machine washable rugs may be your key to a lighter, easier (and more wallet-friendly) deep clean.

Luckily, embracing them is as easy as pressing "Start". 

Safe for kids and pets, the machine washable Gila rug from Well Woven combines elegance, personal style and hygiene into one effortless design.

Begin your journey with machine washable rugs by finding your perfect match here or, for rugs you already own, scroll down to see if you can place it in the wash and begin reaping the benefits of machine washable rugs.

Hurray, you have a machine washable rug! Now what?

First of all, rejoice! Are you doing a victory dance on your machine washable rug yet?

Next, let’s take a look at cleaning instructions, starting with cleaning tips that apply to all machine washable rugs.

How to clean your machine washable rug:

📌 Vacuum first to remove loose dust, dirt, and debris. If your vacuum has one, be sure to turn off the beater bar.

📌 Spot treat small stains as you normally would.

📌 Wash with detergent in your front-loading washing machine on a COLD and GENTLE setting. Center agitators of top-loading machines can cause damage and some materials like cotton are particularly heat-sensitive and prone to wrinkling or shrinking when warmed.

📌 Lay the rug flat or hang to air dry.

Protect the quality of your rug by deep cleaning annually or seasonally. Washing too frequently may speed up wear and tear over time.

To preserve its lifespan and add comfort to your rug, place a rug pad underneath your machine washable rug and rotate your rug every six months. 

Being easy to care for is just one of the reasons why we love machine washable rugs so much. Did you know they help protect and style, too?

How do you know if your rug is machine washable?

Your first stop in asking this question is the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, which are typically found on a care label. Most rugs come with a care label attached to, or printed on, the underside of the rug. 

If your rug doesn’t have cleaning instructions, fear not! Every rug includes clues that indicate if it’s spin cycle-approved:

🔎 What’s your rug made of? Check that ALL materials are machine washable. Cotton, olefin, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and viscose are all machine washable materials. 

🔎 Is it an outdoor rug? Many outdoor rugs are technically machine washable but, a simple rinse with a garden hose is often the easiest cleaning option. Because they’re designed for tough outdoor conditions, these rugs tend to be strong and may have a hard time scrunching into a washing machine.

🔎Does the rug include delicate fibers, such as jute or wool? Jute, a natural material, is often used as a gentle rug backing, and wool is frequently found in our one-of-a-kind rugs. Delicate fibers like these can be sensitive to water, temperature, or vigorous spin cycles (not to mention, can be expensive to replace) so, a spot clean or professional treatment may be your best option for these rugs.

🔎 Still unsure? Contact a rug specialist or the company from which you purchased your rug for professional advice. Reach out to us at for help.

If your rug is made of machine washable materials and nothing sensitive to water or spin cycles, such as jute, your rug should be okay to clean in the washing machine.

Above, @charlieandbodie finds the perfect napping spot on the machine washable Menda rug.

Are you as in love with machine washable rugs as we are?

Discover machine washable rugs and rug pads available on our site.

Find the right size for your space using our size guide.

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