The Joys and Virtues of Flat Weave Rugs

The verdict's in: flat weave rugs are making headlines as top sellers for flooring solutions. These rugs, which are woven on a loom rather than knotted, are easy to spot due to their flat nature, lighter weight, and designs that pull heavily from various cultural heritages. Examples include the famous geometrical patterns of Navajo rugs, kilim-style rugs from Turkey, and the famous Beauvais tapestries woven in France in the 17th and 18th century.

Wherever they've been produced, this style of rug is becoming more and more prominent in home décor, as well as our own collections. In the spirit of what's trending, we list several advantages to utilizing flat-weave rugs, in tandem with options from Well Woven.

They Are Versatile

Although flat weave rugs have roots in traditional patterns, they're now produced in a variety of creative interpretations. Placing a flat weave rug in your home is a great way to add a cultural edge while staying current. For example, the Santa Fe Rug from our Firenze collection pulls inspiration from traditional Native American designs and reinvents it towards a modern aesthetic.

Another great attribute of flat weave rugs is that their thin design makes them great for layering. Piling flat weave rugs together, or mixing and matching them with other textiles--shag carpeting, for example--brings a whole other dimension to your design.

They Are Durable and Easy to Clean

A true flat weave rug won't shed the same way that pile rugs can, and often will. (Our rugs are shed resistant, but that's a different story than many.) Its tightly woven threads mean it can, and often does, stand the test of time. This feature of a flat weave rug makes it extremely family friendly. Kids, pets, and shoes won't wear down these rugs. When they do get stepped or spilled on, they are extremely easy to clean. Giving them a good shake, or taking a vacuum to their surface the same way you would carpeting, will restore them to cleanliness.

We like how our Mandala Red Modern Rug brings the flat weave rug into the 21st century with a modern look and equally accessible usage. It's stain resistant, as well as fade resistant, and includes a jute backing that is safe for hardwood floors.

They Last Throughout the Seasons

Because they're so lightweight compared to heavier pile rugs, flat weave rugs are easy to roll up and store. Some people enjoy alternating rugs on a regular basis: switching them out for the seasons, for instance, or simply basking in the luxury of having multiple decorating options throughout the year. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch up your flooring solution, flat weave rugs are the perfect option. 

Another important feature of flat weave rugs is the flexibility they offer in temperature control. During the winter, flat weave rugs (like all rugs) will insulate a room, helping to trap heat and make a space cozy. During the summer, flat weave rugs are light enough to not trap excess heat the same way that heavier pile rugs do. 

Check out this Amelia Sunshine Modern Rug (top image) from our Firenze Collection. Its bright, sunny pattern is perfect for spring time or summer. Now contrast it with this Rhapsody Earth Modern Rug (bottom image) from the same collection. With an autumnal color palette, we think it makes a great flooring solution for the fall and winter months. It's easy to see how fun it would be to incorporate both rugs into your home décor. Which leads us to our next point...

They Are Affordable

One of our favorite things about flat weave rugs is their affordability. Lower prices mean that you can dare to dream and experiment by switching out rugs on a regular basis, layering them, or choosing designs that are outside your comfort zone for the sake of experimentation. Plus, who doesn't love a good deal?

Thank you for taking time to read about flat weave rugs. If you'd like to see more flooring solutions, head over to to shop. And as always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. Email at any time to say hi.