Be My Guest With Denise

Denise Cooper of Be My Guest with Denise has collaborated with us to bring you this special collection of her favorite items. With multiple Well Woven rugs in her home, Denise shows us how rugs truly can transform a space. Her collection was inspired by the idea of using rugs to bring elements of warmth, balance, and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to complete your home. Shop her exclusive collection here!

Her platform focuses on creating beautiful spaces that are as affordable as they are inviting. Well Woven is the perfect match to her style-- as you can tell by how our versatile styles fit into every room in her home.

Her newest addition is our Olympic White Shag, a sleek white plush rug for her dining room. The soft texture pairs well with the ornamental table and it’s minimal design allow the elegant mirrors and chandelier to stand out. If you’re looking to create a luxurious space, this rug is the perfect way to do so.

For an even more luxurious and rich texture, Denise has placed our Liza White Shag in her home office. With one of our highest pile heights, this elegant rug creates a cozy space for Denise to work in. The stunningly white color completes her neutral color palette, not clashing with the other white furniture. Also, since all of our rugs do not shed, her rolling desk chair will not harm the rug.

For high traffic areas like the kitchen, shag runners are perfect to mute footsteps as well as juxtapose the hard tile flooring. Denise chose the perfect shag for this area, the Moroccan Lattice Grey, as it has a shorter pile height than her other shags. This helps prevent fallen food and debris from getting stuck in the rug fibers.

In true Be My Guest with Denise fashion, her guest bedroom is a gorgeous, inviting space that creates the perfect resting place for any guest in her home. Our Liza Silver Shag adds a modern twist on the traditional bedding and color palette. The shiny finish of this rug pairs well with the gold accents on her bench.

Check out Denise’s Instagram, @bemyguestwithdenise, or her YouTube channel, Bemyguestwithdenise, Denise Cooper, for tons of home decor inspiration and to see more about how she uses Well Woven rugs in her home.