Our mission is to push boundaries and build a new kind of area rug company,  to re-imagine what area rugs can look and feel like at prices accessible to a wide range of consumers. Here is how we plan to do it;


Always Tell the Truth: Honest communication is the cornerstone of this effort. Something goes wrong in every business, every day. It is how we deal with these problems that turns them into opportunities for growth.

Everyone is Important: Take the time each day to put a smile on someone’s face. Our community is important to all of our well being.

Customer Focus: Our efforts as a company begin here. We work relentlessly to earn and keep their trust.

    Think Big: If you think big, you’ll surpass your expectations. Focusing on the bolder direction and pressing problems inspires results.
        Stand Behind Your Promises: Your word is the most valuable currency. Stand behind your words, even in times it is not to your benefit.
          Always Protect Your Family:During periods of your life family may need your support. When you see the opportunity to help, never hesitate to act.
            Uphold High Standards: Drive your team to high standards to deliver high quality work

              Love Your Work: Enjoy your craft and always look at how you can improve on your work.

              Love Something Else: A healthy balance between work and other interests is crucial. Hobbies not only bring joy, they often help spark creativity and foster clarity of mind.

                Frugality: Try not to spend money on things that don’t matter.
                    Take Criticism Positively (and Criticize Positively): We are smarter when we listen. When we take and make criticism well we improve relationships and strengthen ties. Teamwork leads to remarkable progress and collaboration.
                      Great Challenges Make for Great Opportunities: When the stakes are high it is our opportunity to do our best work. It is important to meet every challenge with a positive attitude and to ask for help when challenges take us beyond our expertise.