Virtual Learning Tips from a Kindergarten Teacher and Moms

Every new school year brings about nerves and excitement. For many this year, that back-to-school rush also came with the question of how - and where - to make learning work at home. 

We took to our Well Woven community to learn a bit about what works for them when it comes to navigating online learning. Read on to hear some learnings and tips from fellow moms and a Kindergarten teacher!

Abcswithmissb on our Nile Tarifa rug in the classroom

Getting ready for the first day of school with Miss B of @abcswithmissb

Routines Matter

"To support your child during online learning, ensure they stick to a schedule--just like they would if they were in a classroom at school! Structure and consistency are KEY to academic success. Create a schedule together with your child and display it in their working space! It will be a great visual for you and your child to help stay on track!" 

 - Miss B of @abcswithmissb,  Kindergarten teacher

Abcswithmissb Virtual Learning

Miss B keeping a positive mindset on the washable Tarifa Rust rug in the classroom!

Stay Organized

"[The adjustment] has been a struggle at times but, setting timers on the Alexa to manage the Zoom schedule has been very helpful! Also, making DIY caddies was helpful for the kids to have all of their supplies in one place but easy to move around the house to different learning areas.”

-Jessica of @reefrainaria, mom of three

Reefrainaria Virtual Learning

Creative storage solutions are a must! The Ratu rug is the new coloring spot in Jessica’s home.

Cozy Spaces are Key

"Make your at-home school space as cozy as possible. I think of myself and the types of environments I love to work in.

I try and let our kids have some freedom in choosing where they want to do their school work. The couch, on the comfy rug, coffee table, the dining room table -- wherever they feel like they are going to be comfortable and get the most work done.

We definitely tend to switch up environments throughout our day, too, but I feel like how you set your environment is key! The cozier and better in my opinion."

-Stephanie of @thesingleton.six, mom of four

@thesingleton.six Virtual Learning

Keep things comfortable! Warm and cozy textures like that of the Chiara Beige rug are a staple in Stephanie’s home.

"Include your child in helping design their virtual learning space. Having a place that feels inviting to them will offset some of the stress and gives them a positive environment to learn."

-Kate of @diehlhouse, mom of two

@Diehlhouse Virtual Learning
In Kate's house, one daughter is homeschooled, while the other is dual enrolled virtually for high school and her first semester of college. Luckily, mom shared that the two "found their groove pretty quickly!" Rug: Celesita Lavender

Take Breaks!

"Frequent brain breaks are another must! Provide opportunities for your child to move their body and take a quick break from their work.

They can do a GoNoodle dance, go play in the backyard for 10 minutes, or even do some jumping jacks or squats! Sitting still for a long period of time is tough for kiddos, so anything to get their blood and body moving will help them refocus!"

 - Miss B of @abcswithmissb,  Kindergarten teacher


Schedule time for fun, too! Here, Miss B shows off one of her students’ creative crafts.

"In the spring when we were virtual learning, scheduling time for a fun break is SO needed."

- Kristen of @Builds_by_kristen, mom of three


Kristen recently completed the above design project to make a play-friendly learning space. Our favorite part? The fun patterned prints like that of the Mirela rug!

Don’t be too hard on yourself (or your kids!)

"For me, as a first time homeschool mom of four, I'm trying to first remember to show myself and our kids grace. No one can fully prepare you for all that 2020 has had in store. So whether you are doing online schooling with your kids or straight up homeschooling show yourself extra grace through this crazy time!"

-Stephanie of @thesingleton.six, mom of four

As Steph shares, don't forget to give yourself some mommy self-care! Rug: Chantico Moroccan

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