Erin Kern's Top 5 Rug Must-Haves

This June the Cotton Stem x Well Woven rug collection celebrates its one-year anniversary!

With the collection on our mind, what better time than now to look back at why Well Woven works so well for creative and mom of three, Erin Kern? Read on for Erin’s Top 5 Rug Must-Haves.

Erin Kern with her Goldendoodle sidekick Harvey and the Darcy Rug

Erin Kern of Cotton Stem Interiors and her Goldendoodle sidekick Harvey with the Darcy rug.


The top characteristic Erin looks for in a rug? QUALITY!

We’ve worked with Erin for four years and A LOT has happened in that time. 

Through her journey of being a customer to a partner of ours and then to a custom collaborator, Erin's seen growth in many areas of her life. Not only has her business expanded but her family's also grown in size she's now a mom of three AND a pet mom of four! Did we mention they all moved into a new house in Tulsa this year, too? 

Despite all the changes in her life, Well Woven rugs have remained by Erin’s side...and underfoot.


Because through it all the movie nights, countless DIY projects and lively family dinners her rugs have continued to support her and get the job done. They, still (after four years), pass the PINCH AND PULL TEST every time. Seriously. Her pets shed more than the rugs do (see how she keeps up with this here).

Having kept their “new rug” look, too, her Well Woven rugs continue to have that “favorite foot-feel” softness she enjoyed the day they first arrived on her doorstep.


As a new homeowner and young mom of three, a budget was and is something Erin's had to be mindful of. She’s always staying on top of sales with the best overall value and who has free shipping (hint: Well Woven) so she can provide the most for her family without spending the most money. 

Well Woven has been Erin’s go-to because there is something for everyone at every budget. If you want to splurge for that one-of-a-kind, heirloom wool rug style, they're available. Or, if you are going for a more affordable yet equally-as-stylish and popular approach that will refresh a room without worrying about breaking the bank, there are so many classic and trending options as well. All stand the test of time with the right care tips provided by the Well Woven Care Team.

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The Virden Rug AKA the perfect anchor to any dining space

The Virden rug isn't the only one looking effortlessly chic in this photo.😺


Another reason our rugs have a foothold in Erin’s heart? Their versatility! 

Even before her family moved from the Okie suburbs to the urban city of Tulsa, shopping her home to seasonally refresh spaces was a favorite pastime of Erin's. 

Whether it be for creating a cottage farmhouse look in the summer with the Virden rug or bohemian vintage vibes in the fall, Erin's selection of rugs have allowed her to get that change of scenery she craves with a simple switch and without feeling stuck with a specific theme forever in any room.

As an experienced rug-buyer, designer and now owner of a new house, we get to see her taste for décor evolve all the while inspiring so many others to change up their spaces, too! From a little less farmhouse to more modern minimalist in style, the one constant that's remained is her Well Woven rugs. They still fit the décor of every room she puts them in no matter the seasonal refresh direction she chooses to go with. 


Speaking of being stuck with a theme forever, styles and taste evolve. We know it, you know it, and no one wants to feel trapped with a rug that costs $5,000+. 

What’s versatility without variety when you want it all? Erin’s rugs need to be a match for her home's décor but, equally as important, they need to be a technical size fit for the space and with options of styles for your own home. 

After all, using too small of a rug can make a room feel cramped and off balance but a rug too large can have a similar effect, overpowering the rest of the design. It needs to be just right (see more information on this here).

Erin keeps coming back to her Well Woven rugs because not only can she choose between various styles (farmhouse, bohemian, vintage, etc.), design (indoor, outdoor, jute, flat woven, a high-low profile, etc.) without breaking the bank but she has options for all the different sizes she needs, too. That is why Erin has chosen Well woven for 4+ years and was a true repeat customer before anything else.

Look at the Jane rug. 2’x3’, 3’x25’ AND 6’7”x9’6” sizes? No matter your needs, Well Woven has you (and your floors) covered!

Harvey getting some rest on the Jane rug

Harvey getting some rest on the Jane rug.


The fifthand arguably the most important reason Erin chooses Well Woven rugs? They make the most sense for her family. Since she started using our rugs, Erin’s home has expanded. Not only have the rugs survived the growing household, the toddler years and, yes, even the countless sleepovers in the living room, but they’ve endured her three Ragamuffin divas AND provided furry sidekick Harvey a cozy place to nap, too! 

As long as Well Woven rugs continue to work for her and her family (and we have no doubt they will), Erin can rest easy that her floors are in good hands. In other words and as we say at Well Woven — Celebrate The Messes as they become memories in this great journey of life together!

A living room statement with the Darcy rug. | A breakfast with Bingley.

The Darcy rug makes a living room statement but breakfast with the Bingley rug is just as good!

Be sure to check out the Cotton Stem x Well Woven rug collection and as an extra special treat, don’t forget to use the code CSxWWx10 at checkout for 10% off CSxWW rugs now through the end of June.*

*note: some exclusions apply.