Lasting Impressions: Gift-Worthy Rugs For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to make your loved ones feel cherished! Though traditional gifts like chocolates and roses are appreciated, it's those heartfelt presents filled with intention that will truly last.

That’s why, as this Valentine's Day quickly approaches, and thoughts of love are on our mind, we’re all about thoughtful gift-giving for the well-loved home, and we believe a new rug is a wonderful option for just that purpose. After all, a new rug is a piece of décor that will, quite literally, hug our sweetheart’s home in a layer of warmth and comfort, no matter their personal style.

If you’re thinking about gifting a new rug for Valentine’s Day, read on for some of our customer-favorite rug selections and why these area rugs would make the perfect gift for all the valentines in your life.

For Your Partner

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner is one that symbolizes your commitment to the relationship and what better says you’re in it for the long haul than an area rug that’ll last decades? 

A contemporary-take on a timeless, Persian design, as seen in the Jane rug and washable Pomona rug, will do wonders to take your partner’s pad from home to full-on love-nest. Or, if your partner is more of a traditionalist and loves the pink and red palette that come with the love-filled holiday, the Anya red rug would be a sweet addition to your partner’s floors. Eye candy, anyone? 

For Your Parents

For the elders who have always been there for you, you might want to gift them a rug they wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for themselves this Valentine’s Day. Something practical that sweetly says “Thank you for being so dependable over the years” like a custom-size runner rug

Many of our customers have enjoyed the personalization a custom-size runner rug brings and, if you gift a beautiful rug like the Gene, it’ll have a rubber, non-slip backing that they can depend on, even in the face of rambunctious grandchildren!

For Your Kids

Valentine's Day in the eyes of a child is many things but, at its heart, it is most definitely creative, from the moment they write their first homemade Valentine’s Day card. You can encourage imagination and play with this heart-shaped textile that’s equally as outside-of-the-box as it is soft. Or, opt for this love-inspired rug, featuring an all-over, heart print pattern. Both options are sure to keep your child feeling loved and inspired through every Valentine’s Day to come. 

If your child, however, is growing up faster than you can say “I love you” and now desires a more sophisticated style of expression, how about gifting them valentine-themed flooring, like the Eliana rug, that brings out the hugs and kisses with a subtle “XOXO” with every glance? Pair it with pink and red pillows for an extra comforting feel.

For Your Galentine

True Leslie Knope fans may already know how they’re spending Galentine's Day this February 13th. But, for the rest of us who don't quite know how we'll be celebrating the love and bond between our friends this year, how about with a big rug that won’t break the bank?


You can host a gorgeous Galentine's brunch and protect your beautiful hardwood floors from the spills of strawberry mocktails and mimosas bound to come their way with a rug like the indoor-outdoor Nord rug for less than a $100 bill

Or, say “Thanks” to a BFF who’s always been there for you in a big way by letting them choose their own style to show off from any of these trendy rugs. Each time they come home, their rug will serve as a reminder of just how much you value their friendship.

With a little imagination and the help of Valentine flowers and balloons, a Moroccan rug like the Nord, can set the foundation for a chic Galentine’s Party at home, as @beingbullard shows.

For Yourself

Speaking of you, whether you’re planning a solo Valentine’s Day or are just looking for an excuse to treat yourself to something special, a stylish rug may be the perfect gift to yourself. Look for a rug that reflects your personal style and makes you happy. Maybe that's a machine-washable rug like the Juliette whose intricate pattern is both beautiful to look at and easy-to-clean. Or, perhaps, it's a fun, geometric rug with tassels you simply adore. Whichever rug you choose - let it be one that lets you enjoy yourself at home - inside or out!

Geometric Arbor rug placed under a white couch. There are various pink and heart shaped pillows, a rattan ottoman and a garland hanging up behind the couch reading "be mine"

The geometric Arbor rug lays the foundation for a cozy Valentine's Day at home. Recreate @mrscofieldandco's love-filled look with heart-shaped textiles and a festive garland that reads "Love You, Mean It".

No matter how you're celebrating Valentine's Day this year, whether with a romantic dinner for two at home, a cozy night in with your kids, or a fun-filled day with friends--we want you to find the perfect rug that will enhance your special day!

From heart-shaped textiles that are sure to add extra warmth and texture to any room to love-inspired rugs that offer beautiful aesthetics our vast selection of Valentine’s Day rug have unique options for everyone and are sure to put a smile on your special someone's face!

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