Farmhouse Rugs

Farmhouse Rugs


Farmhouse Rugs

If you're creating your dream farmhouse home, a farmhouse rug is the perfect addition to enhance the rustic charm. These area rugs typically feature simple, traditional patterns and natural, earthy colors to complement the rustic and cozy aesthetics often associated with farmhouse interior design. Whether placing a farmhouse area rug in the bedroom or bathroom, you'll find these rugs are extremely versatile and great at adding warmth and comfort wherever they're placed.

About Well Woven Farmhouse Rugs

Well Woven farmhouse rugs not only deliver the aesthetic appeal that matches your dream decor style but also offer the added benefits of easy cleaning and durability, all at an affordable price point. With a no-shed design, these rugs maintain their excellent appearance over the years, especially when paired with regular vacuuming and the use of an optional nonslip rug pad.

Choosing the Best Farmhouse Rug

Farmhouse area rugs are as versatile as they come. Consider factors like the rug's style, size, and color when shopping for a new rug.

Rug Pattern: Lean into a modern farmhouse rug with clean lines and a sleek geometric print to show you're with the times, or go full vintage by choosing a rug with a distressed pattern for a cottage look with character. If 'cozy grandmother' is more your style, a fresh cream or blue farmhouse rug offers an easy coastal farmhouse style with just one unroll. On the other hand, boho farmhouse rugs, especially those with mandala or ornate, floral prints, can make a simple statement with color and visual interest.

Rug Size: If you're looking for a rug to cover a large living area, common large farmhouse rug sizes include: 7x9, 8x10, and 9x12. These are great to place in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and more. If you're looking for a small accent rug, 5x7, 3x5 and farmhouse runner rugs are great for adding a dose of farmhouse style to small areas like dining nooks, home offices and entryways.

Rug Color: Farmhouse interior style embraces neutral and earthy colors as its hallmark. Gray and blue farmhouse rugs enjoy popularity, yet don't overlook the excellence of other neutral-toned options such as white, brown, and black farmhouse rugs. If that's too boring for you, don't be afraid to play with color. There are plenty of modern, colorful farmhouse rugs out there, too!

Styling a Farmhouse Rug

Styling a farmhouse rug is all about creating a cozy and rustic ambiance. Choose a rug with the right dimensions for the room and layer the rug over a larger, neutral one for added warmth. Pair it with farmhouse-style furniture, opting for wooden or distressed pieces, and stick to a neutral color palette. Mix and match patterns thoughtfully, combining the rug's design with simpler, solid-colored furniture and accessories. Accessorize with farmhouse decor elements like vintage signs, mason jars, and galvanized metal accents to complete the charming, farmhouse look while maintaining a balanced and uncluttered space.

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