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Elevate Your Home With The Fairmont Collection

Discover our exquisite Fairmont Collection of glamorous rugs, designed to elevate the aesthetic of any living space. From luxurious gold rugs for living rooms to sophisticated marble rugs, the Fairmont Collection boasts a variety of designs perfect for adding a touch of elegance. Our diverse range includes sizes from cozy 2' x 3' rugs to modern runner rugs and industrial rugs, ensuring a perfect fit for every room. Embrace modernity with our marble rugs for living rooms, wavy rugs, modern entryway rugs, and ivory rugs, all crafted to blend seamlessly with your decor.

Where to Place Well Woven Fairmont Rugs

Rugs from our Fairmont Collection can be placed in many areas inside your home. Some of the more popular placements for a modern marble rug include the following areas.

Living Room: If you're looking for gold rugs for living room spaces, look no further than the Fairmont Collection. The Art Deco and abstract industrial rugs with modern patterns instantly elevate your space while adding comfort and tying the room together.

Dining Room: A white and gold rug, or a cream and gold rug, will effortlessly bring light and elegance to your dining room. Should any food fall at the dining table (we're all human), the Fairmont Collection rugs are stain-resistant and easy to spot clean, so a light-colored rug can be confidently used to decorate dining areas!

Bedroom: Rugs in the Fairmont Collection make excellent bedroom decor. For a subdued sleeping environment that's ultra sophisticated, choose gray rugs for bedroom areas. The neutral colors add just the right amount of visual interest, while supporting a relaxing and uncluttered decor style. For additional modern rug color palettes and patterns, the thick rug design of the Fairmont Collection is sure to add a touch of coziness to your sleep zone.

How to Style Fairmont Rugs

Embrace the beauty of Fairmont rugs and runners with these creative decor ideas that can elevate the aesthetic of your space.

Industrial: Make your home a chic, modern temple of style with industrial rugs that evoke sleek marvels of design. The neutral cream, gold, ivory, gray and black of the Fairmont Collection coordinate easily with neutral furniture as well as rich, bold accent colors and contrasting textures, such as velvet or gold and metallic details.

Geometric Glam: Bring glamor to your space with the dynamic appeal of a geometric pattern with the Fairmont Collection. Modern geometry adds visual interest and order to contrast nicely with softer shapes, such as couches, and beds piled high with throw pillows.

Modern Simplicity: To achieve modern simplicity in your space, opt for furniture with minimalistic lines in neutral colors and subtle patterns, letting the rug's intricate accents become the focal point. Introduce cool beige or taupe to warm up the space while keeping the decor streamlined and neutral. The striking black and gold rugs and cream and gold rugs of the Fairmont Collection are, ideally, complemented by black and white furniture, enhancing the aesthetic with variety while adhering to modern design principles. Incorporating chrome details in your furniture can highlight the rug's luster, seamlessly tying together the look and emphasizing modern simplicity.

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