Well Woven x charity: water


It’s World Water Day! WATER you doing to celebrate? 

...OK. OK. That was bad. We can already SEA you WAVING goodbye!

Sorry, we did our best to come up with something dryer, but we’re overflowing with joy here at Well Woven because we’ve got some news that’s going to make a pretty big splash!

In the spirit of World Water Day, we decided to reflect on the importance of clean water and  also dive into ways we at Well Woven are doing our part to make positive waves in the world! 


The same way a great rug starts with a single thread, change starts with a single deed.

The water crisis is a world crisis. Every community deserves access to clean water if we all lend a helping hand, we can all grow together. 

Well Woven is excited to share that we are gifting a percent of proceeds to charity: water this year to build/fund multiple clean water projects throughout the next year!

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” -Dalai Lama

WHY charity: water

When we see clean water, we see more kids in schools. We see more adults especially women in these communities working, growing, and thriving. We see more families spending time together in their homes. When we see clean water, we see brighter futures all around.

We also see all of you. Because at Well Woven, we believe if we work together, we can make a difference. Every team member, customer, partner, and family members has contributed to the ability to give back, and we have plenty more to do together. 

Over the course of these projects, our focus will be on the positive ripple effect in these communities beyond the biological and psychological benefits, clean water can help cut down on disease and really help underserved communities thrive.

Read more about charity: water

We invite you all on this journey with us! Without you, we wouldn’t be who we are. So as a thank you, Well Woven is making our impact clear because we want you to share in our excitement in the upcoming months! Follow the development of these projects along with us on social and sign up for our emails to learn more about charity: water and Well Woven’s impact on communities in need of clean water.

Through charity: water and many contributions like it, we hope to inspire you all in return for the countless ways you inspire and support us every day. Not only by supporting this cause, but just by being you. Rugs are our business, but you’re our incentive!

“Love first - care always!” -Well Woven


Social impact has been part of the fabric of Well Woven's identity since our founding six+ years ago. Our founders and team members lead with our hearts because we believe we’re in this together. 

As our way of thanking our past, present, and future customers, those who’ve trusted/trust/will trust us with their rug and style needs, we're giving back, for you and with you.

Anyone who invites a Well Woven rug into their home deserves the comfort of knowing that we're committed to you because we know the impact a rug can have. 

Whether you’re decorating your first apartment, watching baby’s first footsteps or puppy’s first trots, or even if you’re just sharing one of those moments that make you feel most, well, at home. From the moment you roll out a Well Woven rug to the moment you roll it back up to go wherever life takes you, we feel at home knowing you feel at home. 

We hope now when you see one of our rugs, you get that same warm and fuzzy feeling we get knowing you've welcomed Well Woven into your home. 


As you find ways to share this awareness, know that we here at Well Woven are grateful for all you've done to help us along our journey. 

On behalf of the entire Well Woven family, we hope that you continue to inspire and support us in doing our part to make the world a better place for us all to live, love, and thrive. Remember, we’re in this together!

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