Well Woven Presents Heartfelt at Home: A Guide to Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day: the holiday conjures up scenes of intimate, candlelit restaurants; late nights organizing kindergartener’s Valentine’s cards; rowdy Galentine's galas with flowing wine and laughing friends. But (yes, we’re all tired of hearing this) things look a little different this year. It doesn’t mean we should kick the Day of Love to the curb and let cold hearts shrivel up. It only means we’ll need to set aside our screens and daily routines and celebrate in a new way. This year, let’s stay in.

Read along for some tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day full of loving each other in every room, inspired by our Well Woven Community of families, design enthusiasts and customers.

Get The Chef Apron On (Clothing Optional)

As many special nights do, the evening begins where the magic happens: the kitchen. While the ingredients for dinner are prepped, open up a new bottle of red and light a candle or two. Turn on Spotify’s Romantic Dinner playlist and find your groove. Should you and your partner wind up getting a little saucy and cause a spill, don’t let it ruin the mood (good thing you have a machine washable rug from Well Woven). As dinner cooks in the ovenor if you’re more of a Doordash couple like some of ususe the wait time to recall the naivety and bashfulness of your first date and laugh at the time gone by. Ask each other: 

1. Who was into who first?
2. Who made the first move? 
3. Was there a date that didn’t totally go according to plan?
4. Who was more nervous to meet the parents?


        Wine + Dine As If You Were The Only Ones in This Universe

        Onto the dining room; light some more candles, call in the kidsit’s time to eat. Whether you’re savoring a homemade vegetarian feast, exploring an exotic new cuisine, or digging into a heart-shaped pizza prepared by the experts (if you’re in NYC, check out Fornino’s Pizza Love Fest Feast), an exquisite Valentine’s Day dinner can be one of the best ways to treat yourself and your loved ones.

        Heart-shaped pizza. Image courtesy of Fornino Pizza

        Image courtesy of Fornino Pizza

        Set the stage for an intimate, celebratory spread with a personalized candle that commemorates the occasion (make one at this Etsy shop), a stylish rug (check out Well Woven’s top trending styles) and a beautiful red and pink-hued bouquet delivered from Urban Stems. If you’re celebrating with friends or as a fun, small group of singles living the wild life, have each person bring a serving of their favorite dessert to top off dinner with an indulgent round of way too many tapas-style sweets.

        Image courtesy of @littlecajunhouse

        Snuggle Like a Teenager With A Crush

        With full bellies and full hearts, meander to the living room for the next phase of Valentine’s Day 2021. The sun is down, leaving you and your dear onewhether it’s a romantic partner, a gaggle of threenagers, or a lucky dogtogether in the dim light of a cozy evening in. Toss your throw pillows and blankets onto your thick, comfy living room rug (the Cubes rug was made for this: a sink-your-toes-into-it rug at the best value) and snuggle up on the floor with a big bowl of popcorn (add the butter tonight, you deserve it 🧈). Find something lighthearted and sweet (or intense and gripping, if that’s your cinematic love language) on Netflix.

        Card game. Image courtesy of Our Moments via Amazon

        Image courtesy of OUR MOMENTS Amazon store

        If you happen to have screen fatigue from a long week of Zoom-ing, grab a board game instead! How well do you really know your partner? Learn new things about each other with the bestselling OUR MOMENTS game. If your kids are of writing age, use tonight to teach them the art of the love letterit’s a lesson they’ll come to appreciate, trust us.

        Find the Stars in Their Eyes (and the Ones in the Sky)

        While the night is still young, rouse your love-drunk selves up for a trip to the great outdoors. Take your blankets and curl up on the outdoor rug in the backyard or balcony, with chocolates for sustenance and your sweetheart for warmth. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the moment (without notifications or alerts buzzing to kill the vibe).
        Image courtesy of @galvanized_chic_boutique

        Look up at the thousands of stars that that map the history of our universe and remind us of how miraculous life truly is. Quiz your loved ones: what do you see? Can you identify the Big Dipper, Orion, Ursa Major? For some celestial oohs and aahs, download the SkyView app, which helps you easily identify stars, constellations, satellites and more. The kids will be impressed.

        If you’re in the city, simply take in the romantic thrum of metropolitan life on Valentine’s Day; lovers dashing from corner stores with overflowing bouquets, lonely hearts with takeout boxes and six-packs, laughing teenagers knocking into each other on sidewalks.

        Image courtesy of @ourwintonhome

        We Have Arrived - Yes, We ARE Going There

        You were wondering if we’d go there, weren’t you? We’ll keep this one short before we take it too far. First, put the kids to bedthe red velvet and truffle-induced sugar rush should have faded by now. Then head on down the hall. The bedroom (if you make it there) should be a cozy sanctuary in which to end your special night. Set the mood beforehand with perhaps another candle, a color burst of roses, and an old-timey, lovey-dovey playlist. 

        Image courtesy of @jettinjack

        The most important thing for Valentine’s Day 2021 is to be fully in the moment and enjoy the company of those around you. In the morning, you’ll wake up and plant your feet on a soft, plush rug, feeling rejuvenated, loved, and inspired for the day ahead of you.