Well Woven Creator Spotlight: Sara Pavao of SadiesLovelyLife

We reached out to Sara Pavao of @sadies_lovely_life whose home is a plant lovers dream. She has mastered how to mix vintage and rustic pieces with modern and refined ones. Sara lives near the Jersey Shore with her husband, two teenage sons, and pets. In her everyday life she is an art teacher but with her spare time, she is a macrame artist/workshop instructor as well as a part-time massage therapist. We asked her some questions about her home to get to know her and see how she incorporates #livewellwoven into all parts of her life.

How did you choose the name @sadies_lovely_life?

It’s so funny but I used to read a blog that had the word “lovely” in the title. It’s not a word I would hear all that often but it really carried such a sweet intangible lifestyle vibe and I wanted to carry that same feeling into my Instagram account.

You have so many different colors and patterns in your home, what is your advice when it comes to making sure it can all go together?

That’s a tough question for me to answer—it just looks “right” or it doesn’t. But I suppose there is usually a unifying element—maybe it’s color or material or style. But anything that is too matchy-matchy is just boring to me and that is exactly why I like to mix it up.

Do you have a favorite room in your house that was your favorite to decorate?

I have to say that our “plant” room has become my most favorite space.  With the large window letting in so much light and all of the green plant energy, it was a labor of love to create the space. It’s also my absolute favorite place to be when I am home because I always feel rejuvenated by being in there.

What's your favorite piece of furniture in your home right now?

My favorite piece of furniture has to be our new (to us) dining table. We bought it second hand from a man who made it for his wife. It has the most gorgeous natural grain in the tabletop and the fact that it was made by hand makes it so special.

What inspires you when decorating?

I would have to say that natural elements mixed with eclectic pieces that have a story are what guides me.  Sometimes I start with a vision of what I want a space to feel like and start to gather pieces that can help to create that feeling. And sometimes I just find a very unique piece of furniture or art and build a space around that.

How has your style evolved over time?

Initially, I loved to layer textiles and pillows to create the ultimate bohemian zone. The more the merrier seemed to be my mantra.   As time has gone on, simplifying our spaces to only include items that are really meaningful has become my guide. However, when it comes to my plant posse, I haven’t been able to simplify!

 How did you hear about Well Woven?

I had first heard about Well Woven through some decor accounts that I follow on Instagram and was intrigued by the beautiful colors and patterns I saw.

What do you look for when choosing a rug?

After searching for the right size for a space I usually have a color scheme and style in mind—most often I’m searching for a vintage style to fit in with the eclectic vibe of our home. It also has to wear well and stand up to our busy lifestyle.  Life with boys can get messy, so an easy to care for rug was a must!

We’ve really fallen in love with our Well Woven Kashmir Blue Traditional Rug for its beauty and functionality!

How did you make sure your Well Woven rug fit into your home's aesthetic?

I was looking for a vintage style with a light neutral color scheme and Well Woven had so many styles to choose from. It was very challenging to narrow it down.

What does #livewellwoven mean to you?

To me #livewellwoven means living with quality in the home which adds to the quality of daily life.

If you are wanting to see more of Sara and her home or go to one of her upcoming macrame classes follow her at @sadies_lovely_life!

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