Well Woven Creator Spotlight: Jerae & Jordan of MidwestEst

If anyone could ever have too many Well Woven rugs, it would be Jerae & Jordan from Midwest.Est. as they have almost ten of our rugs! Two sisters born and raised in Northwest Ohio, they started their blog out of a passion for modernized-rustic lifestyle and home inspiration. Their style is the perfect blend of vintage and modern with a rustic but refined twist. We love how they are always searching for new ideas and styles while still staying true to their roots. As sisters who both married their high school sweethearts, their homes are a central part of their lives and we are honored that they have chosen Well Woven to be part of them. Read to see how they style both of their unique homes and why they are in love with each one of their Well Woven rugs.

Why/how did you choose the name Midwest Est?

Where we come from and how we grew up helps define who we are today. As two farm-raised ladies from the Midwest, what better way to describe who we are than to just give credit to our roots? After all, it’s where we gain our inspiration from and where we chose to establish our families’ roots. Our roots inspire our home designs today. We grew up and also now live on a farm so we get a thrill out of mixing in rustic touches to our refined style.

What’s your favorite color? Is it the same or different than each other?

By one quick glimpse of both of our homes and closets, it is obvious that both of us love gray! Some may say that’s a boring choice to pick as our favorite color, but we love to add pops of different colors based on the time of year. Gray creates the perfect base to pair with anything and everything!

[Moroccan Lattice Grey]

How did you hear about Well Woven?

We are constantly inspired by Erin at Cotton Stem [Read her feature article here], so it’s no surprise that we learned of Well Woven from her Instagram. She is simply amazing and we love her home and style! Inevitably, since she had Well Woven rugs, we needed to try them too. And they definitely didn’t disappoint, we now have nine rugs between the two of us!

What is your favorite part of your homes?

Our goal is to create the most welcoming, lighthearted home we can so our families and our guests always feel at home. If we were to choose some of our favorites, our couches are definitely our favorite pieces of furniture. Not just because they’re comfy and cozy, but because it’s where we spend the most time gathering with loved ones. It’s where we create new memories and reminisce on the old ones. In fact, we both decided this summer to add a second living room area in each of our houses, simply so we could add more couch seating for our guests--- or it might just be an excuse to get more Well Woven rugs!

What do you look for when choosing a rug?

We look for rugs with a vintage touch in our favorite color…gray! We gravitate towards rugs that have plenty of character to anchor the room and bring in a pattern. We also want something durable, especially since we always are having guests over. Even with our love for entertaining and busy lifestyles, our Well Woven rugs far surpass the quality test! Our rugs are used every single day and still look the same as when they arrived at our doorstep.

Which of your rugs is your favorite?

It’s so hard to choose a favorite! If we had to, we’re currently loving on the Manchester Grey Modern Distressed Rug and the Passione Ivory Modern Trellis Rug. They have our vintage style with a modern twist, fitting perfectly into our home decor. We’re absolutely in love with all of our Well Woven rugs and are always saying that we want more of them!

[Manchester Grey]

What does #livewellwoven mean to you?

Well Woven rugs are more than just a home accent to us. They play an integral role in creating a welcoming space where we LIVE, gather, entertain and make memories with the ones we love. Our rugs and home decor visually define who we are in a creative way. A house is a place you move into; a home is a space that represents what means the most to you. For us, we love designing comfy spaces where our guests don’t feel like guests.

If you love Jerae & Jordan’s story as much as we do, continue to follow along on Instagram @midwest_est.

Here at Well Woven, rugs aren’t just something we throw down to cover hardwood floors. We believe that rugs can transform a room into a gorgeous, inviting and one-of-a-kind space. No matter your personal style, Well Woven rugs are able to fit in anywhere which is why we love to see how different people use our rugs in their home. Follow along as we spotlight our favorite people who use our rugs to create a story within their home and show how they #livewellwoven.