Well Woven Creator Spotlight: Amber Shirley of PreppyBohemianAtHome

We love to see all of the different styles of homes people decorate our rugs with which is why we reached out to Amber Shirley of @preppybohemianathome

Amber’s home is full of bright colors and prints to create the perfect bohemian home. When we reached out to her we knew that she would love our vintage style rugs. Amber lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband, 10 year old son and their scottish terrier. As an interior stylist, blogger and brand influencer, she has a great knack for designing colorful eclectic spaces. We asked her some questions to get to know her and see how she incorporates #livewellwoven into all parts of her life.

Why did you choose the name preppybohemianathome?

Preppy Bohemian refers to my personal style. I like to design spaces that blur the line between traditional and unconventional.

You have so many different colors and patterns in your home, what is your advice when it comes to making sure it can all go together?

It's funny, I get this question a lot! The biggest advice I can give about mixing is DO NOT overthink it. I have a general color scheme that I use throughout my entire home so most of the patterns and colors that I pick can be placed in any room and still fit in. As long as YOU love it, go for it!

Do you have a favorite room in that house that was your favorite to decorate?

My favorite room in the house is our kitchen. It's a small space and nothing fancy but everything was diy'ed by husband and I. We spend most of our time in the eating nook soaking up all of the natural light.

What's your favorite piece of furniture in your home right now?

My favorite piece of furniture would have to be our dining room sideboard. It was my dresser when I was a little girl but I painted it bright turquoise a couple of years ago and repurposed it. It's now a standout piece in our home.

What are you doing in your down time?

I think one of the most important things in life is family. We spend a lot of time with my side of the family up in the North GA mountains and my in-laws live about 20 minutes from us so we see them a lot as well.

How has your style evolved over time?

My style is constantly evolving and changing. As a teenager I liked everything leopard print, in my early twenties I was all about art deco, and a few years ago I went through a farm-house phase. I do feel like I've finally found my niche but I never want to put myself in a style box that I can't venture out of.

What do you look for when choosing a rug?

When selecting a rug bigger is almost always better. If you select a rug that's too small then your space will feel smaller than it actually is. I'm definitely into bold, statement rugs right now... they can really add interest and color to an otherwise bland room.

Are you happy with your selection of rugs or is there anything you would change about them?

The rug that Well-Woven provided for our master bedroom makeover is beautiful, soft and well-made. I really wanted a statement piece for the room and the vibrant color in the Celesita Purple Rug really fit that bill. Although it's bright and colorful, the style is a bit more traditional which adds a surprising pairing of bohemian and vintage throughout the space. Well Woven now has a customer for life!

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If you’re wanting to see more of Amber and her home, check out her Instagram @preppybohemianathome and her website, https://preppybohemianathome.com/.

Here at Well Woven, rugs aren’t just something we throw down to cover hardwood floors. We believe that rugs can transform a room into a gorgeous, inviting, and one-of-a-kind space. No matter your personal style, Well Woven rugs are able to fit in anywhere which is why we love to see how different people use our rugs in their home. Follow along as we spotlight our favorite people who use our rugs to create a story within their home and show how they #livewellwoven.