The Rebecca Propes X Well Woven Rug Collection


Between being featured on NBC's hit show Making It and landing her home on the cover of HGTV magazine's Jan/Feb. 2021 issue, one-of-a-kind designer Rebecca Propes has been covering a lot of ground lately. (As a rug company, covering ground is something we at Well Woven totally respect.)

With her signature bold use of color, budget-friendly style and "You can do it!" attitude, it is easy to see why crafters, DIYers and all those seeking a creative boost turn to Rebecca's expertise. Ourselves included.

Now, for the first time ever, we are all aflutter to announce Rebecca Propes x Well Woven  (AKA RP X WW), a new collaborative collection of rugs, named sweetly after Rebecca’s sons, that is as affordably priced and functional as it is captivating. 


If you are a fan of contemporary style and the lovingly well-worn look, then the newest introduction to Rebecca Propes x Well Woven is for you. Printed on a base of polyester chenille and recycled cotton to bring a classic Oriental style to a modern setting, the Ashtyn rug features a rustic color palette of warm orange and brown tones blended in such an effortless fashion that you’ll want it to be the spotlight of your home. 

Rebecca's favorite part? "The fact that we can roll this up and throw this into the washing machine is such a bonus."

Yes, Ashtyn is not only stain-resistant but it's easy-to-clean, washable nature make it the perfect fit for households, like those bustling with kids and pets, that emphasize the importance of personal health and convenience.

Currently available in five sizes, we have made it easy for you to bring Ashtyn into every room of your home—because we know you'll want to!


Ready to bring out the interior designer in you, the Emerson rug was made to make modern style accessible in a classic shag rug feel. Named after Rebecca’s youngest child, Brant Emerson, the Emerson rug is a rule follower with a fun playful side. Geometric shapes grace a plush and neutral, cloud-colored base to create an easy and versatile bohemian vibe (especially for first time home-stylists) and its soft, shaggy fibers are downright cozy on the toes. Trust us when we say, this is a rug style you'll want in every room of your home—and it'd look great in all of them!


Finally,  we have the Oliver rug. Composed, smart, and balanced just like its namesake Bennett Oliver, Rebecca's youngest son, “[the Oliver rug] adds just enough color and pattern to add interest to any space whether you’re wanting a relaxed boho feel or a sophisticated modern look", says Rebecca.

Like its brothers,  the Oliver rug unifies style and function. Stain-resistant and non-shedding synthetic fibers make the Oliver super low-maintenance and perfect for high-traffic areas and its distressed vintage look of blue diamonds, pops of rust and a neutral base, create the ultimate middle ground between pattern and color.

Whether you are looking to feel at-home in any home, breathe new life into a neutral space or want to subtly anchor a busy one, the Oliver rug will do the trick!

To celebrate this magical collabo, we thought we'd take a moment to throw some shine Rebecca's way, the Well Woven way. 


Behind Rebecca's distinct peppy specks is more than a keen eye for design. Rebecca Propes is a loving wife, mom of three, and designer whose colorful personality matches her oodles of DIY projects.

It's no surprise Rebecca has amassed a design loving following. Dip a toe into Rebecca's Insta or blog and, before you know it, you're swimming in design inspo! Rebecca's got imagination and moxie to spare. And she's not afraid to share it, which she does, like it's nobody's business. Except, it's her business… For nearly a decade, Rebecca has been running a shop, blogging about DIY projects, designing products, and dreaming up new printable ideas. Not to mention squeezing in her unforgettable appearance on NBC's Making It. All while juggling being an amazing mom of three boys! 

An avid DIY-er, Rebecca's also a craft cheerleader. Rebecca's infectious spirit and design expertise bedazzle her various social channels. She has a natural gift for buoying flocks of the DIY-curious who might otherwise be craft shy. Either they're too intimidated to give DIY a whirl or, worse, they've fallen for the fallacy that only the "artsy-fartsy" or select few are capable of creativity and balance. But Rebecca's superpower is her ability to demystify the creative process and make crafting accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any budget.


Well Woven caught up with Rebecca to talk design pointers, get the 411 for rug newbies, and, of course, gush about her rug launch!

WW: How would you describe your style and personal vibe for 2021?

My design style is fun, relatable, with a sprinkle of boho.  You will always see me infuse color and patterns into my designs… However, I am loving textural things in unexpected ways.  I love a good, layered, lived-in look.  

WW: Why rugs? Why partner with Well Woven?

I think rugs can be intimidating for some and I love the fact that Well Woven is at an accessible price point to infuse this sort of design element into a home.  For me, rugs help elevate and define a space, and can really be the jumping off point as inspiration for your inspiration.  With my ever-changing palette, I also love the fact that I can have more than one rug option for a room while staying within my budget.   

WW: Let's talk about The Emerson. What inspired the name?

Emerson is the middle name of my first born son and he is exactly how I would describe this rug.  He is structured. He is a rule follower. But he has this fun playful and silly side. He can be very serious and mature for his age, too, and I feel like this rug embodies all those things. 

Design-wise, there's this big deconstructed diamond motif in the center in grey - think, a stylized Southwest pattern meets the layered squares of Tetris - against a cream base. But the best part about the cream is that it's a white-cream and it's not too yellow so it won't look dingy like I sometimes find happens with other neutral rugs. It's all punctuated by braided fringes on either side.

I just think that if you want this rug to stand alone, it can absolutely stand alone because it's bold enough.  Or, like what I did, it's also versatile, so that it can pair well with leopard print pillows, stripes, color, and other heavy textures in a complementary way.

WW: Tell us about the much-anticipated second rug in your collection, the Oliver.

The second rug in my collection is named the Oliver, after my youngest son. His old soul matches the vintage vibe, while his need for structure and organization reminds me of the strong repetitive pattern found in this rug. The colors are sophisticated and perfectly complementary to one another. 

Another reason this rug reminds me of my youngest is because the design is composed, smart and balanced just like he is. There is just enough color and pattern to add interest to any space. Whether you’re wanting a relaxed boho feel or a sophisticated modern look, the Oliver has enough personality to fit any design.

WW: What qualities do you look for in a… rug?

The first thing I do is define the space of where it's going.  At the end of the day, the room needs to be useful and let me utilize it for what my daily needs are.  In areas where I'm lounging, like my office or my living room, the texture of a rug is super important to me.  I'm very tactile, so I tend to be a floor-sitter. I love to sit on the floor and get cozy — that's where all the creativity happens.  I need to be drawn to the design of the rug, as well.  

Being a designer, another thing I notice is the tonal values of colors.  I look at how things contrast with each other and use the inspiration from the patterns and colors as a palette for the rest of the room to build on.  Of course, rugs that will wear and clean well are a must, too! 

WW: Any advice for first-time rug owners?

I’m all about color but, I think, if you're going to add a rug for the first time, you might as well have your first rug be something that's comfortable, and neutral, and safe.  Then, you can either keep the rest of the space neutral or, if you want to add color, you can easily bounce off of it because the rug is so versatile. 

In my recent office redesign with the Emerson rug, I played with this a bit.  I went with a really large scale design on the wall that is a little more freeform to balance out the structured pattern of the rug but used colors like peach and golden yellows that would complement the white cream and grey of the yarns to give the room a playful twist. It's so fun to mix and match patterns!

WW: What about for those who may not have as much experience with decorating as you do?

People are scared of design. It's so funny.  People want it when they see it or they think they can't afford it but with the affordable price point of these rugs, it's a great way to dabble with bringing texture and warmth into the home.  I say take the leap and just go for it and have fun!

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Keep an eye on the Rebecca Propes x Well Woven Collection. There's more where that came from!