High Low Pile Rugs For High Style

Maybe you saw it on your friend’s patio underneath their outdoor furniture, or laid out on the hardwood floor of their living room. You stepped in and it immediately captured your attention. You were going to ask about that intriguing rug but were distracted by an engaging story about vegetables!

“That new rug, it’s really nice. The texture practically jumps out at you," you would have remarked, had you only not been learning that the water should come up just around the sides of the radishes when braising!

You might then have been told, were you not engaged in debate on the various pairings for fennel, that this was a recent style of area rug called high low pile (sometimes spelled hi lo) that comes in a variety of styles. They can be soft and subtle or bold in their contrast. Manufacturers actually have three primary styles with unique ways of weaving them:

How Are High Low Rugs Made?

Two different types of yarn are woven into a backing, leaving areas of varied height and texture.



For a striking difference that creates an almost 3D appearance, manufacturers might use both high-standing and flat weave techniques. In our Dorado collection this extreme contrast is combined with UV fade and weather resistance, perfect for high traffic spaces both indoors and out.



Other rugs, such as our Pearl collection, use two different yarns that lend its vintage, distressed look while maintaining a feather soft feel. Microfiber shrink yarns are woven among olefin. Heat is then applied, shrinking the microfiber, making for a unique visual and physical texture.



Primavera and Siggi make use of this technique to dramatic effect for both worn traditional and cutting-edge abstract looks.



Other styles go even further, actually leaving patches of the jute backing unwoven, creating areas with no yarn at all. The Firenze collection uses this effect to achieve the look of a well-worn antique, despite its modern colors.

We’re really excited to share the many ways a high low rug can compliment your decor. Whether you’re looking for your next statement piece,  a rug that can marry the various elements of a room, or stand up to the elements in style, you’ll find it in our high low pile area rug collections!