Enhance Your Outdoor Space: Styling with Décor and Outdoor Rugs

This gorgeous deck seating area from @cony.maradiaga looks like an amazing place to relax! Bright pops of color from flowers and throw pillows complement the bold, modern pattern of the Medusa Atlantis Indoor-Outdoor Rug.

Backyards are not only spaces where plants and flowers grow–they are also outdoor sanctuaries that offer a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Whether you are setting up a new outdoor space, redecorating, or simply sprucing up the amazing space you already have, incorporating décor into your outdoor sanctuary can take your seating or dining area to the next level of comfort and beauty. 

Outdoor décor can take many forms, from sculptures and outdoor cushions to furniture and lighting. However, one often overlooked décor item that can add a touch of elegance to outdoor areas is the outdoor rug. In this blog post, we'll explore the power of incorporating décor into outdoor design and how you can use outdoor rugs to add style and comfort to your backyard, deck, porch, or patio.

With coordinated seating and table décor, the Medusa Leif Indoor-Outdoor Rug transforms @homeonfernhill’s outdoor patio into an inviting oasis of comfort and dining.

Subtle or Vibrant Color

Color is a crucial element when it comes to creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space. Choosing colors that coordinate with each other and complement the natural surroundings can help tie the overall look of the space together. Additionally, bold pops of color, such as a bright throw pillow or a vibrant bouquet, can balance out patterns and create visual interest. By incorporating the right color scheme, you can create an inviting and harmonious outdoor environment that draws you in and makes you want to spend more time outside.

String lights cast a cozy glow over the outdoor patio from @dreamhome_decor_. Accent pillows, a tassel throw, and the Milo Sienna Indoor-Outdoor Rug create a welcoming ambience filled with personal style. 

Accent Pieces

In open, outdoor seating areas, accent pieces help achieve a finished look that feels intimate, like an indoor room without walls. Special accent lighting creates a calming atmosphere, making the garden or backyard a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, patterned accents, such as outdoor rugs, throws, pillows, cushions, and even poufs, bring layers of visual interest and softness that invite gathering and lounging. Let your personal style shine when you choose accent pieces, after all they are for you and your guests to enjoy.

Complementary Medusa Linden and Kesia Indoor-Outdoor Rugs create two beautiful, yet distinct, entertainment areas on @alifeunfolding's large deck.

Fitting Your Space

Much like indoor spaces, size is a key consideration when decorating any outdoor space, which may range in size from small balcony to huge deck. Fortunately, Well Woven outdoor rugs are available in many sizes and shapes. Placing the rug strategically can also create a pathway or define functional areas. In large spaces, try placing two matching or complementary rugs spaced slightly apart to create the effect of multiple, cozy rooms. In small areas, even a 3x5 outdoor rug or an outdoor runner rug can add a layer of comfort and warmth. 

The textured high-low pile and bright colors of the Dorado Illuminate Indoor-Outdoor Rug lends comfort and a bright, contemporary style to @homeonfernhill’s deck.

Texture & Style

Texture plays a crucial role in designing a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space. From the texture of furniture to visual texture, it is a key element that can elevate the look and feel of any outdoor area. The texture of furniture is an important consideration as it not only adds visual interest but also affects the comfort level of the space. For instance, woven or textured chairs and sofas can add an organic feel and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Visual texture, on the other hand, can be added through accessories like outdoor rugs. A high-low rug with varying pile heights can not only create visual interest but also add a softness underfoot. Alternatively, a flat weave outdoor rug offers durability and subtle texture while providing a sturdy surface for outdoor activities. By incorporating texture into your outdoor space, you can create a visually appealing and comfortable area that is both practical and stylish.

Well Woven indoor-outdoor rugs roll up for easy storage during seasons when the outdoor space will not be used. 

Care & Cleaning for Outdoor Rugs

Well Woven outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the elements typical of any outdoor space, including moisture, heavy rain, and direct sunlight. When it comes to maintenance, they’re stain-resistant, non-shedding, fade-resistant, and very easy to clean when messes occur. 

In most cases, a simple spot cleaning is all that’s needed, but for a bigger clean-up (pollen, anyone?), you can simply hose down the rug with water or a gentle cleaning detergent. Drape it over a railing or set it in the sun to air dry completely before putting it back. 

Consider storing it during the off-season to help preserve the rug's quality and prevent it from getting damaged – it’s very easy to roll up and put away. 

Underneath a covered porch like @bricksnblooms’ featuring the Medusa Cascade Rug, the outdoor season extends far into the cooler months.

More Tips

By considering these essential elements of décor – color, pattern, texture, lighting, and layout – in your outdoor space design, you’re sure to create a wonderful space for dining, lounging, and gathering. Looking for more tips on outdoor spaces? Explore the start-to-finish steps to create a relaxing outdoor deck like Donice Moreau’s backyard haven, dig deeper into the care and cleaning of an outdoor rug, and discover outdoor rug ideas for any space on the Well Woven blog. 

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