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Discover the Beauty of Washable Runner Rugs

Elevate your home with Washable Runner Rugs! From kitchens to bathrooms and hallways, find a durable, washable runner rug tailored to your unique space and taste. From modern to boho runner rugs – there's a washable runner for everyone. Stain-resistant and as easy to clean as the press of "Start". Explore our machine washable runner rugs today.

About Well Woven Washable Runner Rugs

Washable runner rugs from Well Woven offer stain-resistant features, ensuring easy maintenance for everyday use. With a wide variety of washable runner sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect rug to match your space and taste. Elevate your home with personalized comfort and style today!

Choosing the Best Washable Runner Rug

Washable rug runners are as versatile as they come. Consider factors like the rug's style, size, and color when shopping for a new washable runner rug for your home.

Rug Material and Style
Washable runner rugs are the ideal option for anyone looking for the ultimate easy-to-clean runner rug. When it comes to selecting a washable runner rug, consider surface texture, pattern, and backing material to find the right fit for you. Washable runner rugs with rubber backing are ideal for spaces with slippery floors, or wet surfaces like kitchens and bathroom tiles. These washable non slip runner rugs help keep your rug in place and neat on your floors. If you fall in love with a boho runner rug or any other style with a more gentle backing, you can always stabilize it with by placing a non-slip rug pad underneath.

Rug Size
Which size is right for your space? Find the fit covers area evenly and leaves 3 to 8 inches on all sides for a balanced, comfortable appearance. In many rooms, such as kitchens, entryways, and standard hallways, a 2x5, 2x10 or 2x7 runner rug will offer ideal coverage. But if your space is wider or longer, Well Woven makes washable runner rugs in made-to-order sizes up to 99 feet, so your floors will be covered!

Rug Color
Colors can add a dynamic look to your space with contrast, tie everything together with a complementary color, or even create a subtly finished, low-profile appearance with neutral colors. Runner rug colors are versatile, so browse to see what works for you. Blue washable runner rugs are timeless, vibrant, and modern, depending on the pattern! A washable green runner rug might complement a plant-filled space with lots of windows, while a beige runner rug can ensure your boldest decor, such as art or accent furniture, takes center stage.

Where to put washable runner rugs

Placement of your washable runner rug is up to you, depending on where you want the comfort, sound-dampening, and visual benefits of a runner rug. Washable runner rugs for kitchen areas add coziness and style around sinks and kitchen islands, where family might spend more time on their feet during meal preparation and clean-up. Washable runner rugs for hallways and entryways mean maintenance is a breeze if guests happen to track in a little dirt or moisture on a rainy day.

Can you wash a runner rug in the washer?

Many runner rugs (not all) are designed to be machine-washable for your convenience. The Well Woven washable runner rugs featured here can be conveniently cleaned in the washer. Always refer to the care instructions specific to your rug to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.

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