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Discover the Beauty of Stair Runner Rugs

A stair runner not only enhances the visual appeal of your stairs but also provide a comfortable and secure surface underfoot. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look with neutral tones or a bold statement with vibrant patterns, stair runner rugs offer a diverse range of options to suit your unique taste. Explore the intersection of fashion and function as you transform your staircase into a focal point that seamlessly integrates with the overall design of your home.

About Well Woven Stair Runners

The selection of stair runners at Well Woven is expansive, ranging in patterns, textures and sizes, allowing you to enhance your staircase with both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Easy to clean and stain-resistant, each stair runner carpet is the perfect foundation piece to add a bit of functional style to your home.

How our stair runners work

Well Woven stair runners are rug runners by the foot. Most of our stair runners are available in two widths, 27" and 31", and lengths from 10' to 99' long. Simply choose what stair runner rug size you need for your space in the dropdown menus on the product page and add to cart. We'll handle the rest!

What to look for in a stair runner

Selecting the perfect stair runner involves several key considerations.

Durability & Maintenance: Assess various materials. Synthetics like polypropylene are usually robust and may even be washable.

Size and Fit: The size of the stair rug runner is crucial; ensure it fits both the width and length of your staircase comfortably.

Style and Color: Choose a stair carpet runner design— from a vintage stair runner or modern to blue stair runner or red— that complements your overall aesthetic.

Are Stair Runners Outdated?

No, stair runners are not outdated. Stair runners remain a popular and timeless choice for enhancing the aesthetics and safety of staircases. Choose a modern stair runner rug that reflects your personal style and rest assured that your stairs look not outdated, but updated!

Do you need padding under stair runners?

Using a rug pad under stair runners is a good practice for enhancing safety, protecting the runner and stairs from wear, reducing noise, and offering additional slip resistance for a comfortable and secure staircase.

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