Discover the Beauty of Rugs

Rugs can add warmth, comfort, and style to a room while also providing insulation and protecting the underlying floor surface. Whether you're looking for washable rugs, outdoor rugs, or a stylish addition to your living room, there are rugs available to suit your taste and enhance your space. Explore our rugs today!

About Well Woven Rugs

Well Woven specializes in creating rugs that not only captivate with their stunning designs but also stand the test of time. From washable rugs that provide convenience and practicality to outdoor rugs that seamlessly transition your living space to the great outdoors, every Well Woven rug is a testament to innovation and style. Whether you're seeking 5x7 rugs to anchor your dining room or an intricate pattern to add flair to your space, Well Woven rugs provide the perfect foundation for your design journey. Immerse yourself in a world where comfort meets elegance, and let rugs from Well Woven weave stories of sophistication and warmth in—and outside of—your home.

Choosing the Best Rugs

Rugs are incredibly versatile, offering a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors to consider. The right choice can transform a space with equal comfort and style.

Texture and Pattern: For living room rugs and high traffic spaces, consider durable and stain-resistant textures, such as low-pile or flat-weave rugs, which are easy to clean. To add a touch of luxury in bedrooms, opt for shag rugs that add warmth underfoot. Patterns, whether ornate and classic, like Persian rugs', or bold and bright, like many modern rugs, can create visual interest and complement existing decor.

Size: Selecting the right sized area rugs is crucial for achieving a balanced and well-designed space. In living rooms, 8x10 rugs or larger that accommodates all furniture or a small rug placed in the sitting area can work well. In bedrooms, choose rugs like 6x9 and 7x10 rugs that extend beyond the bed to create a cozy feel. Dining room rugs should be large enough for the table and chairs, allowing guests to pull out chairs without moving off the rug. For hallways and entryways, opt for runner rugs that enhance the flow and visual appeal. For kitchen rugs, a combination of accent rugs like custom runner rugs and 2x3 or 4x6 rugs can work well. Ultimately, the ideal rug size varies based on the specific needs and layout of each room.

Color: For a timeless and warm look, consider red rugs that add a touch of classic design to any room. If you prefer a modern, minimalistic appeal, black rugs and blue rugs create high-contrast spaces and hide spills effectively. Neutral rugs like beige, gray, and ivory are popular for their versatility and ability to complement various decor styles. Ultimately, the colors of your rugs are a personal preference, offering an opportunity to express your style and infuse your living areas with personality. Have fun experimenting!

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