Outdoor Runner Rugs

Discover the Beauty of Outdoor Runner Rugs

Explore the versatility of our outdoor runner rugs, ideal for high-traffic walkways, entryways, and narrow spaces on your patio or porch. Select from a diverse array of colors and patterns to effortlessly complement your outdoor area.

About Well Woven Outdoor Runner Rugs

Well Woven's outdoor runner rugs blend durability and style seamlessly. Easy to clean and UV-ray protected, they effortlessly combine style with functionality for your outdoor spaces from pathways and porches, to decks and backyard patios. Well Woven offers a wide selection of outdoor runner rugs, ranging in colors, patterns and textures, allowing you to enhance your outdoor space with both practicality and aesthetic appeal. From vibrant hues to timeless designs, our outdoor runner rugs provide a versatile and resilient solution for elevating your outdoor decor.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Runner Rug

When selecting the ideal outdoor runner rug, consider the factors that matter most for your space. From the pattern to the color and size, finding the perfect combination is crucial.

Rug Pattern/Texture: Discover a variety of patterns and textures to suit your outdoor style. Whether you prefer classic rug patterns and motifs, geometric designs, or intricate florals in a high-low construction, our outdoor rug runner selection ensures you find a rug pattern that complements your outdoor aesthetic.

Rug Color: For patios with grey cement flooring, embrace the opportunity to make vibrant hues pop! Red, blue, and colorful outdoor runner rugs will create a stunning contrast against the neutral gray backdrop.

When choosing an outdoor runner rug color for a grassy area or for a wooden deck, consider a green or black and white outdoor runner rug. This choice not only complements the natural landscape but also establishes a simple and neutral color scheme for an effortlessly chic look.

If you're shopping for an outdoor area with a pool, warm reds and oranges can harmonize with the aquamarine waters, offering a balanced visual appeal.

For apartment balconies featuring brick accents, a cool green or blue outdoor runner rug becomes the perfect balancing act, introducing complementary colors seamlessly!

Rug Size: Place small outdoor runner rugs, sized 2x5 or 2x7, under outdoor seating arrangements or coffee tables to define spaces and add comfort. Use 3x10 outdoor runner rugs to create stylish pathways across decks, patios, or gardens, enhancing the overall aesthetic. In large spaces, opt for extra-long outdoor runner rugs in expansive outdoor areas like terraces, verandas and alongside pools, to provide a comfortable and stylish surface while also preventing slips and falls.

Can you leave outdoor rugs outside?

Yes, outdoor runner rugs are designed to be left outside and can withstand exposure to the elements. However, it's recommended to bring your outdoor runner rug indoors when not in use to ensure its longevity and appearance.

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