Mid Century Modern Rugs

Mid Century Modern Rugs


Mid-Century Modern Rugs

A mid century modern rug embodies the design aesthetic of the 1940s to the 1960s, marked by clean lines, abstract or geometric patterns, and a focus on form and function. Mid century modern rugs are ideal for complementing mid-century modern decor, which is known for its emphasis on simplicity, organic shapes, and the marriage of form and function.

About Well Woven Mid Century Modern Rugs

Well Woven mid-century modern rugs encapsulate the essence of the iconic mid century design era. Offering clean lines, bold geometric patterns, and a keen eye for functionality, our rugs are the perfect addition to any mid century modern-inspired space. Crafted from high-quality materials and available in a range of sizes and color palettes, our mid-century modern rugs offer both style and versatility, allowing you to infuse that classic, retro charm into your decor. The best part? They're durable and easy-to-clean, too. So, whether you're reviving a vintage aesthetic or adding a touch of mid-century flair to your contemporary home, let our mid century modern area rugs provide the ideal foundation for your interior design vision.

Choosing the Best Mid Century Rug

Mid century modern area rugs are as versatile as they come. Consider factors like the rug's style, size, and color when shopping for a new rug.

Rug Pattern/Texture: For those seeking indoor elegance and durability, our geometric and abstract mid century modern rugs are available in a range of textures, from flatweave to plush shag rugs, offering comfort underfoot without compromising on style. Our mid century modern outdoor rugs, designed with the same mid-century flair, combine modern patterns with rugged outdoor-friendly materials, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you're captivated by the softness of a shag rug or the sleekness of geometric patterns, Well Woven Mid-Century Modern rugs offer a world of design possibilities to elevate your space, inside or out.

Rug Size: Mid-century modern rug sizes cater to diverse design needs. Our mid century modern 8x10 rugs offer the perfect balance of coverage and style, making them a popular choice for larger rooms where they can anchor the decor effortlessly. For those looking to make a bold statement and fill a grander space, our 9x12 rugs provide ample room coverage with their expansive dimensions. If you're seeking something a bit more unconventional, our mid century modern round rugs infuse unique charm and can serve as eye-catching centerpieces. And for smaller spaces, hallways or kitchens, our mid century modern runner rugs offer a touch of retro elegance while protecting your floors. With a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, Well Woven ensures you'll find the perfect Mid-Century area rug to complete your interior vision.

Rug Color: Mid-Century Modern rug colors at Well Woven span a spectrum of sought-after shades, from the timeless appeal of blue that evokes a calming and serene atmosphere to the vibrant warmth of orange that injects energy and personality into your decor. Our collection also includes a palette of neutral tones, like soft whites and earthy browns, which effortlessly complement the mid-century aesthetic. Whether you're drawn to the soothing hues of a green mid century modern rug or the classic allure of a black and white design, our range of rug colors ensures that you can find the perfect rug to accentuate your mid-century modern interior.

Styling Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Styling mid century modern rugs is an art of balancing clean lines and iconic furniture pieces. Start by placing your mid-century area rug as the room's centerpiece, allowing its geometric or abstract pattern to shine through. Next, choose mid-century modern furniture that boasts sleek, minimalist designs, such as iconic Eames chairs or a streamlined sofa with tapered legs. Aim for a harmonious color palette, blending the rug's hues with your furniture choices. Don't shy away from mixing materials like wood, glass, and metal for that signature mid-century flair. To complete the look, add bold accessories like abstract artwork and vintage decor items. Remember, the key to styling mid century modern rugs is to create a cohesive and retro-chic ambiance that captures the essence of this iconic design era and your personal style.

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