The Bexley Boys Make a House a Homestead in Sugarhouse

Featuring Dallin Stokes

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Dallin and Jer on their way to get pedicures.

Packed for London Yet? - via Instagram @bexleyboys

For most of us, Thanksgiving is about overindulging on pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes while relaxing with family and friends. For Dallin, one particular Thanksgiving was about a little more than just feasting and relaxing. It was on that Thanksgiving Day that Dallin realized that he and his partner, Jer, needed a bigger space. “Our last Thanksgiving in the house, we had to move our dining table into the front room to entertain four friends. That night, I said enough is enough, we can’t live here anymore.” But, moving out of their 900 sq ft cottage would prove to be a bit of a challenge, as they were searching for more than just a place with some extra square footage. “We wanted a historic home with property, which is almost non-existent in our area. Most homes sit on tiny, postage stamp lots and rarely have a garage.”

Cuddle puddle with Dallin & Jer (humans), Cooper & Finn (very good boys)

Morning with Dallin & Jer (humans), Cooper & Finn (Very Good Boys) - via Instagram @bexleyboys

The area Dallin is talking about is Sugarhouse, a trendy borough of Salt Lake City, Utah. Named after the sugar mill that was under construction when the neighborhood was established, Sugarhouse is home to many parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Dallin and Jer were lucky enough to come across their dream home in this trendy area while browsing through the local MLS listings one Saturday morning. Now known as the Bexley Bungalow, their new home is a traditional craftsman bungalow that was built in 1915.

The Homestead - via Instagram @bexleyboys

With its open-concept dining room, Dallin and Jer find that their new home is the perfect place for entertaining guests as well as displaying their Well Woven rugs. It also met all of the items on their wish list- brick, basement, two-car garage, and ½ acre property. The bungalow even has a few remaining fruit trees leftover from the days when the property served as an orchard.

Finn's got a good spot between two Well Woven rugs (Sarouk Red & Medallion Red)

Finn's Got a Great Spot (ft. Sarouk and Medallion Red Rugs from Well Woven) - via Instagram @bexleyboys

Yet, as picturesque as this property sounds, Dallin and his partner walked into quite a bit of work when buying the home. They’ve been renovating the property since the day of purchase to get it back to its original glory, and what started as a few simple paint updates has now turned into a full-blown home renovation.

“As of today, we have rewired, replumbed, reroofed, painted the house, [installed] new doors and windows, [and] new exterior lighting and railings.” They’ve also undergone two kitchen remodels, relocated the basement laundry to upstairs, installed new flooring throughout the home, and fully remodeled the basement. And, the renovations are still well underway. “We are replacing our 3000 sq foot driveway [this] spring. I’m praying we are completely done by next summer, but let’s be real, that won’t happen.”

The Bexley Boys' basement under construction.

Basement Construction in Progress. - via Instagram @bexleyboys

To say these renovations are time-consuming would be an understatement. “Keeping up on [the contractors] progress is almost a full-time job. Currently, I spend 8-10 hours per week making calls and following up on projects. That’s on top of my normal 9-5 job and the 20 hours per week we spend on doing the finish work ourselves on the house.”

Additionally, the messiness that comes with a home renovation has been a big challenge for Dallin and his partner. “We are both very clean and like things very tidy. It’s been difficult dealing with dirt, dust, insulation, etc. During our kitchen remodel this last winter, we had three days of slush and snow. The kitchen floor was covered in water, lath, plaster, and old insulation, I thought I was going to lose my mind.”

Yet, despite the challenges that come with renovating a home, Dallin has been able to keep a positive attitude while enjoying the creative process. He’s also learned quite a bit along the way. “Oh yes, we’ve learned a lot. I had no idea how electrical worked or that a drywall tape gun was a thing. We have a few really great contractors that have shown us how their trade is done. We’ve also learned a lot about codes in our area.”

Jer, a great remodeling partner.

Jer in Action - via Instagram @bexleyboys

And, it doesn’t hurt that Jer happens to make a great remodeling partner. Jer used to work for his father doing construction and building homes. “His knowledge has been vital to the success of many of our projects...He thinks throughout to build or design something and we collectively style it in the end.”

While the remodeling process can have its ups and downs, Dallin does note that he’d do it again, but next time, he’d definitely enlist the help of a general contractor.

Finn's got a good spot! This one's on top of a Jackie Crimson rug by Well Woven.

Finn's Got Lots of Great Spots! This One is a Jackie Crimson Rug From Well Woven - via Instagram @bexleyboys

Whether the two decide to renovate again or not, there’s no doubt that they’ve succeeded in bringing their current bungalow back to life in the style they prefer. “We love modern design but enjoy the coziness and elegance of a traditional aesthetic.” All it takes is one look at the Bexley Boys Instagram account to see proof of this. Where he once had a dining room that was too small to entertain four guests, Dallin now has a Medallion Kashan Red rug anchoring the traditional-modern dining room that he’s always dreamed of.

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