10 Moving Tips From People Who’ve Totally Been There (2022)

Whether you are starting school, chasing that dream job, moving for love, or hoping to start a family, Well Woven is here to make sure your new home feels like home. From the ground up.

To help, we asked our friends for moving tips they learned while moving to a new home. Today, we are excited to share these 10 moving tips with you and we hope your next move to a new home will be a little easier!

Now, onto the moving tips, starting from the beginning. 

Larissa white sits on the Carina rug next to her pup and stacked boxes with "We're moving from Indiana to Florida" written on them.
Marking fresh starts and new chapters, moving homes can be an exciting life event. Here, Larissa is all smiles on the Carina rug as she announces her plans to move to Florida.

Let’s Go 🌟

Planning and preparing are crucial to making your move feel as smooth and easy as possible. 

  1. Pick your must-haves before packing. Move with less and be able to style the new house in a new way,” says Larissa, who relocated her family of three from Indiana to Florida. For her furniture, she chose only the pieces she wanted and that would fit into her new house, and got rid of the rest. 
  2. Shed what you don’t want or need. We donated or sold any items we didn't feel should make the big move,” says Andi of OuiWeGirl who recently moved from Nashville all the way to Los Angeles. Look for local charity shops and secondhand dealers that can help find new homes for your unwanted items.
  3. Shop for your new home early.We tried to buy our big pieces in advance, so we didn’t have to wait too long once we moved in,” says Larissa. While some manufacturers are experiencing shipping delays, Well Woven has worked hard to ensure our standard delivery times, so you can move in seamlessly.
  4. Pack strategically. “I packed each room separately, so I was able to quickly put the new home together,” says Krystle, blogger and mom of two, who moved her family into a new beach home. Group boxes for each room together, whenever possible, to further set yourself up for a “plug and play” unpacking experience. 
Top down photo of a patterned chair, textured jute rug and a wicker side table with a piece of white coral on top.
Krystle used her family's move to a new home as an opportunity to try out a new décor style. She managed to perfect the coastal aesthetic with breezy blue prints, textured jute rugs and various oceanic accent pieces.

On the Move 🚚

From charting a course to budgeting movers to traveling with children and pets, the process of moving your household from one place to another can be the trickiest step!

  1. Spend where it counts. “Invest in things that will give you your time back,” Andi suggests. “Really consider how much time things like organizing, packing, and loading are going to take, and if you can leverage yourself and hire great support for those tasks, do it! Moving takes so much energy!”
  2. Enjoy the payoff of your preparation. Krystle points out that boxes add up fast, and any decluttering and minimizing you do before packing is especially helpful while you’re shuttling everything around. If you “avoid [moving with] unnecessary things,” your move will be that much lighter.
  3. Surround pets with their favorite things during travel. “With our tiny cat Luna, we brought her blanket and toys for comfort,” says Andi. What pet wouldn’t feel a little cozier next to a beloved, familiar object while on the road to their new home? For more tricks, vets can suggest options that might work best for your pet. 
Celestial Skies rug
Help your kids feel more comfortable in their new home by letting them make decorating decisions when it comes to their room. Set a budget and let them choose staples like new rugs or curtains to show off their unique style.

Create Your New Home 🏠

Unpacking and settling in can be daunting, but hopefully these simple moving tips can lighten the task and help you establish your sense of home sooner.

  1. Decorate kids’ rooms right away. Moving can be confusing for little ones, but a cozy haven where they can rest and play eases the process. “We try to help our kids feel at home and settled first,” says Larissa. Need a new rug for the wee ones in your life? We’ve got you covered with stylish, easy-to-clean kids’ rugs.
  2. While you’re unpacking everything else? Don’t forget to “pack kids’ toys, activities, and busy books,” Krystle urges. Anything that helps them feel happy, entertained, and comfortable–as much for you as for them. 
  3. Get a rug you love. We may be a tad biased, but we aren’t alone. “Rugs truly set the tone and create comfort immediately,” Andi notes. Decorate your new home with one of our fashionable rugs in a range of beautiful designs–we’ve got colors and patterns for every interior design style.
Andi sinking her toes into the Verdant rug underneath the desk in her home office
As far as rugs go, Well Woven shag rug styles are the epitome of cozy. Use them to instantly make your new home warm and comfortable with just one unroll. With free shipping, you'll be sinking your toes in them like Andi in no time!

Happy Moving!

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